School of Business

GCU School of Business Student Learning and Performance

The mission of the School of Business is to provide undergraduate and graduate students a meaningful learning experience through a viable curriculum, effective teaching, and individual advisement.  The School of Business aims to augment a sense of values by examining the role of ethical behavior in the marketplace while preparing students for successful careers and graduate study.

Learning Goals:

I. Oral and Written Business Communication

  • Demonstrate the ability to present business information effectively.
  • Demonstrate effective business writing skills.

II. Understanding of the Business Environment

Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of management theories and principles, United States economic and financial systems, consumer behavior, marketing and promotional strategies, legal business principles, fundamental principles of accounting, fundamental principles of finance, and business principles from a global perspective.

III. Collaboration (Work collaboratively with others)

Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a team environment, both as a leader and team member.

IV.  Information Literacy in the Business Environment (Information and media literacy)

Demonstrate the ability to investigate a research problem or issue through the use of electronic and traditional resources.

V.  Understanding the Role of Ethical Behavior in the Business Environment

  • Demonstrate knowledge of applicable legal and ethical principles.
  • Demonstrate ability to identify and resolve ethical and professional dilemmas in the workplace.

VI.  Use of Data and Technology as Tools for Making Decisions

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply quantitative skills to solve problems and interpret results.
  • Demonstrate the ability to utilize decision-making software, including Internet searches, data analysis on Excel, and presentation software.
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills using financial methods.

Methods of Assessment Used to Measure Learning:

  1. ETS Major Field Test in Business - click  for latest results
  2. Capstone Course Assessment -click for latest results
  3. Graduating Student Outcomes Assessment Survey - click for undergraduate results - click for MBA results

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