Your Journey Starts Here.

Ready to take your education beyond the classroom? First make an appointment to explore all of the opportunities available. At your initial appointment you will discuss what you are looking to achieve from your travel experience, the places you can travel to, and any questions or concerns you may have.  Once you have decided on your program, you can begin the application process.

Program Costs
Studying abroad typically costs about the same as attending GCU for a semester. Costs for faculty-led programs, and volunteer or service programs vary depending on the program.

The Academic Programs International (API) fee includes tuition and fees, housing, official transcript, insurance, and excursions. The International Study Abroad (ISA) program the program price includes that along with a one-year digital subscription to the New York Times.  Scholarships are available for both programs.

Scholarships & Financial Aid
Your financial aid typically follows you when you study abroad.

Global Scholarship/Application Deadlines

  • February 15th Summer programs
  • April 15th Fall Programs
  • September 15th Winter Programs
  • October 15th Spring Programs

How to Apply
Complete the following forms and submit them according to their respective deadlines:

Travel Tips
Are you ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime? Check out these travel tips from Georgian Court University.