B.A. in Humanities/Interdisciplinary Studies

With about 300 different kinds of positions within 60 career fields for humanities/interdisciplinary studies majors, the B.A. in Humanities/Interdisciplinary Studies program at Georgian Court University makes sense for students who want a multidisciplinary education and flexible career options.

Master skills in communication, interpersonal relations, critical thinking, analytics, and self-motivation, which are always in demand. This program is rich and challenging, drawing on a wide selection of courses, so you can plan your own humanities/interdisciplinary studies curriculum. Numerous class options and career possibilities make it ideal for many of today’s sharpest students.



To earn a B.A. in Humanities/Interdisciplinary Studies, you must successfully complete at least 120 credits, including:

  • General Education courses
  • Humanities/interdisciplinary studies courses (6)
  • Upper-level courses in English, history, religious studies, or Spanish (18 credits)
  • Other courses from aforementioned disciplines or from classical studies, French, Italian, or philosophy (6 credits)

For more information on program requirements, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.


  • HU201 Exploring the Humanities (3)
  • HU401 Seminar in the Humanities (3)

Teaching Credentials

  • Early Childhood Education (P–3) with Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement
  • Elementary Education (K–6) with Teacher of Students with Disabilities Endorsement*

*Teacher of English as a Second Language option available

For required professional courses in education, please refer to the School of Education.