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"Coming to GCU and getting involved in different organizations opened up so many doors for me. If I hadn't come to GCU, I wouldn't have the experience of traveling to the United Nations conference on Millennium Development Goals, or to the American Association of University Women conference in Washington, D.C. I've met influential people, and being involved has given me the opportunity to be in the presence of powerful women."
Megan Mastrogiovanni '11
Double major in Psychology and English
President, Student Government Association
Megan Mastrogiovanni
"I often reflect on the time I spent at the university, and I'm forever grateful for all that was afforded to me. I don't think I could have asked for a better experience."
Brynn Walzer '10
Former WILD member
B.S., Social Work
Now on assignment with Mercy Volunteer Corps Clean & Sober, Sacramento, Calif.
Brynn Walzer
"GCU presented me with the opportunity to become the person I am. If I wasn't afforded all of these opportunities, I wouldn't be where I am today."
Ashley Quigley '11
Social work major, and President of the Commuter Club who planned GCU's 2010 Homeless Benefit Concert Intern, NJ Department of Youth & Family Services
Ashley Quigley
"Being part of Mercy Collegiate Society has made me think and made me act. I am always finding new ways to make this world and community a better place."
Julia Hollywood '12
Communications major
Julia Hollywood
"I came from a fairly large high school that offered plenty of one-on- one communication between students and faculty, something I really appreciated. I looked for that same sense of community and communication when applying to colleges and found it at GCU. I also chose GCU because it was founded on the notion of service, and that sounded a bell for me. I will continue to serve long after I leave campus."
Jacquelyn Black '12
Art major, Biology minor
Student Assistant, Girls Interested in Science & Technology
Jacquelyn Black

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