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Admissions: Transfer: What Our Students Say

"I was able to do research with a faculty member on how pollution affects plant life, and I now work for a start-up laboratory doing research on carbon dioxide reduction. A professor introduced me to the company while I was still taking courses. Getting the hands-on experience you don't necessarily get in class is valuable. You get a lot from your professors, but when you actually work, it's a little different. To be able to do both---the academics and real-world work--is important."
Ian Sullivan '10, who transferred to GCU from Rutgers University B.S., Chemistry/Chemist
Ian Sullivan
"The experience at GCU has been awesome. The students, the teachers, the counseling center--everybody has been great. I'm working to become a teacher. I loved school as a kid, and I want to be able to give my future students that same sense of love. I want to educate students so that they learn in different ways. Sometimes you have to think differently about ways of reaching students. I discovered that at Georgian Court."
Kelly Manuel '13 Education major
Kelly Manuel
"I transferred to GCU to obtain my degree in Allied Health, but as I took classes and had success here I realized that perhaps I should set my goals higher. I began taking even more science courses and changed my major to Biology, and I have been involved in ongoing research with Dr. Murali Temburni, which I will continue this summer thanks to a scholarship from the Merck Undergraduate Science Endeavors program. Today I am on track to apply for medical school."
Sabrina Barata '12 Biology major
Sabrina Barata
"At GCU, I receive the full attention of my teachers and here, everyone knows your name. You are not a number in the classroom. Each of my teachers wants to see me succeed, so it makes me want to wake up and go to class in the morning. Transferring to GCU was a great decision."
Felicia Romano '12 Communications major
Felicia Romano

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