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What are the admissions requirements for Georgian Court?
We look to see that you have successfully completed a rigorous academic curriculum with at least 16 academic units (English, mathematics, science, history, language, etc.).

What is the average class size at Georgian Court?
Class size varies depending on the course, but on average, classes have 15 to 20 students. The student-faculty ratio is 13:1.

Does Georgian Court offer academic scholarships or grants?
We offer a variety of academic scholarships and grants depending upon your academic status, major, and financial need.

Do I have to submit my SAT/ACT scores when I apply to Georgian Court?
Yes. Georgian Court University requires the SAT or ACT for all applicants. Nursing applicants are required to have a minimum SAT scores of 500 or above on the critical math and reading sections or an ACT composite score of 21.

I plan to play sports at GCU. What are the minimum requirements?
NCAA Division II sports require a minimum SAT of 820 (critical reading and math) or an ACT sum score of 68 (English, math, reading, and science). The NCAA also requires athletes to have a minimum 2.0 GPA to participate in Division II sports.

Is a personal interview required?
No, the personal interview is not required, but we do offer informal interviews at a student's request. If you feel that you can better represent yourself in person than on your application, contact your admissions counselor to schedule an interview.

Is housing guaranteed for all four years?
Housing is not guaranteed for all four years; however, there has not been a housing problem in the past.

How many students live on campus?
Nearly 400 students live in GCU's three residence halls—Maria Hall, St. Catherine Hall, and St. Joseph Hall.

Can I bring my car?
Yes. First-year students may bring their cars. Our 156-acre campus has ample space. Parking permits are required.

What are the application deadlines?
GCU offers rolling admissions, which means we accept applications throughout the year.

How many students attend Georgian Court?
More than 1,600 undergraduate and nearly 700 graduate students attend Georgian Court.

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