Applied Arts and Sciences

B.A. in Applied Arts & Sciences


When you completed your program in applied arts and sciences, you probably thought that you could never go on to earn your Bachelor of Arts degree. Now you can. Through Georgian Court University’s unique program, you can now transfer 30 to 48 of your occupational or technical credits and apply them toward the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Arts and Sciences degree. You then choose 30 credits of 300–400-level courses (18 credits in one discipline, and a total of 12 credits in one or two other disciplines) in areas that you are interested in—areas that will help you advance in your current profession, equip you with the necessary skills to change careers, or give you the opportunity to go on to graduate school. This program’s flexibility and excellence provides you with the academic training, intellectual skills, and liberal-arts-based education you need to build your future success.


The objectives of the Bachelor of Arts in applied arts and sciences major are to

  • Provide a bachelor’s degree completion option for students who have finished an occupational/technical program in an area in which many of the courses are not usually transferable to a four-year institution of higher education;
  • Enable such students to acquire the intellectual skills, communication skills, academic training and aesthetic experiences and enrichment gained from a liberal arts-based education;
  • Empower such students with the flexibility to choose areas of upper-level study that will give them
  1. the ability to advance in their chosen profession,
  2. the course work needed for entrance into graduate programs or
  3. the skills needed to change careers.

Admission to this major is restricted to students who have completed an organized, coherent occupational or technical program of 30 to 48 credits normally taken at a community college. Typically, this work constitutes the major requirements for the associate’s degree in applied science at the community college. Courses that are not transferred as part of the occupational/technical module or as part of the general education requirements may be counted as general electives in accordance with course-equivalency determinations made by Georgian Court. Students should note that the only major in this degree program is applied arts and sciences, regardless of which focus areas are chosen as part of the interdisciplinary module.

An example of typical B.A. A.A.S. student is a transfer student who completed an A.A.S. in Paralegal Studies, has a full-time job during the day and is enrolled at Georgian Court University to take 300/400 level evening, weekend and online classes in criminal justice, business administration, and psychology to further her career.  Because a student may transfer up to 90 credits total (of which no more than 75 may come from two-year institutions), it is possible to earn the bachelor's degree with as few as 30 Georgian Court University credits.

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