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Graduate Certificate in Business Essentials

Continuing Education at Central Regional High School

Knowledge of business practices can help in any career. The graduate certificate in business essentials is designed for those who earned an undergraduate degree in a non-business major. It provides fundamental content in Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Management, Financial Management and Statistics for Business Analysis. Completion of the certificate not only is useful on its own, but it also facilitates entry into the Georgian Court 36 credit Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program.

The courses are conducted in 7 ½ week sessions. Taking the required courses in pairs allows the student to complete the certificate in 6 months. Alternatively, the classes can be taken one at a time allowing the classes to be completed in one year.

Program Courses:

AC501 - Survey of Accounting

Covers basic accounting theory and practice with special emphasis on the concepts underlying income determination and preparation of the statements of financial position.

EC501 - Economic Survey

Examine aggregate levels of income and output, employment, prices, the role of the Federal Reserve, the impact of government spending and taxation, and economic legislation. Analyze supply and demand, elasticity, monopoly power and externalized resource markets.

BU501 - Statistical Analysis

A rigorous treatment of modern statistical methods with reference to their application in business research and decision making.

BU502 - Marketing Fundamentals

Identify and analyze marketing problems in business and public institutions. Emphasis on the total marketing package, including market segmentation, promotion, advertising, pricing, packaging and distribution.

BU503 - Principles of Management

An integrated analysis of the development of management through theories and function. Review of contemporary American management thought against a background of the economic, social, political, ethical and global climate.

BU506 - Principles of Finance

Examine the financial decisions of a firm and develop policies for management assets. Topics include asset management, working capital management, short- and long-term financing, capital budgeting, dividend policy and financial decisions under conditions of risk and uncertainty.

Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree (any major) from an accredited college or university.
  • Online application for admission.
  • Official transcripts of each undergraduate and graduate institution you have attended, either in sealed, signed envelopes or via electronic submission directly from the registrar's office.
  • A statement of objectives listing your academic and career goals.
  • One current letter of recommendation from an academic or professional reference.


Georgian Court’s School of Business is additionally accredited by The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP (11520 West 119th Street, Overland Park, KS USA) is a leading specialized accreditation association for business education supporting, celebrating, and rewarding teaching excellence. The association embraces the virtues of teaching excellence and emphasizes to students that it is essential to learn how to learn. ACBSP acknowledges the importance of scholarly research and inquiry and believes that such activities facilitate improved teaching. Institutions are strongly encouraged to pursue a reasonable mutually beneficial balance between teaching and research. And further, ACBSP encourages faculty involvement within the contemporary business world to enhance the quality of classroom instruction and to contribute to student learning.

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