GCU - Virtual Pilgrimage
Project Description

A pilgrimage is a journey – a journey through spirit and space. Come travel with us as we visit the spiritual journeys of others and listen to your own calling to a pilgrimage.

Find your way into the Mansion (HINT: When you start the pilgrimage, you're in the back yard of the Mansion)…and look for books lying out ready for you to read. Click on the book to hear the story of the pilgrimage of a famous person. There will be a new book each day of Holy Week (Palm Sunday, April 13 through Easter Sunday).

When you have viewed the story, you will be invited to participate in a community online meditation – share your thoughts and your experiences with the other Virtual Pilgrims!

How to Use

- If the Unity plugin is not already installed in your browser, you will be guided to install it first
- Use the mouse to look around
- Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move
- Use the space bar to fly outdoors and to jump indoors
- Ring the front doorbell to enter
- Click the front door's doorknob to exit

Today is day 8. There are eight books to find (HINT: The eighth book is in the drawing room, in front of the library)…make sure to click on them to see the videos, and then click on the link on top of the page to go to the blog and leave your thoughts. You can also find the videos directly on the blog.

Please click here to start the journey!