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Department of English: Sigma Mu Honor Society

New Sigma MuJoin Sigma Mu, the Georgian Court chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, The International English Honor Society

During 1972 and 1973, several English majors became interested in establishing a chapter of Sigma Tau Delta at Georgian Court College. Sister Maria Cordis Richey, professor of English, consented to sponsor the organization on campus.

In order for Georgian Court to obtain a charter, a letter of approval from the College President, Sister Stephanie, was obtained. Interested students signed a petition. The letter of approval, the petition and the dues were sent to Northern Illinois University, National Center of Sigma Tau Delta. Georgian Court College was designated the Sigma Mu Chapter in 1974. Sister Demetria McDade accepted the position of sponsor then, as Sister Maria Cordis had been appointed President of Georgian Court College. Following Sister Demetria's retirement, Sister Maria has been the honor society's sponsor since 1985.

All members, both honorary and student members, are asked to pursue, in the spirit of the international motto, "sincerity, truth, and design." Students are asked to remember that the Greek letters "Sigma Mu," which identify our university chapter, may be interpreted as a challenge to strive for "scholarly maturity."


"I shall endeavor to advance the study of the literary masterpieces, to promote the mastery of written expression and to foster a spirit of fellowship among students specializing in English language and literature, ever keeping in mind our national motto: sincerity, truth and design."

During the induction ceremony, every member promises to be faithful to this pledge. After reciting this promise, each member receives three flowers. The first flower is red and represents sincerity. The second flower is white and represents truth. The third flower is pink and represents each member's own personal design. Upon receiving these flowers, each student is formally inducted into Sigma Tau Delta.

In addition to student members, guest speakers at the annual induction ceremony have been awarded honorary memberships. These honorary members include:
Sister Barbara Williams Sister Stephanie Sloyan
Dr. Carolyn Martin Dr. Donald McGinn
Sister Demetria McDade Sister Mary-Theresa McCarthy
Dr. Gail Holian Dr. David Faas
Sister M. Christina Geis Ms. Maureen Murnane
Dr. Constance Chismar Dr. Mary Chinery
Dr. Patrick O'Donnell Dr. Eric Wurmser
Dr. Paul Cappucci Dr. Pamela Rader
Sister Maria Cordis Richey Dr. Jessica Hausmann
Dr. Russell McDonald Mrs. Deborah Beerman

Officers are elected at the end of each spring semester.

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