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Department of English: Requirements

Major Sequences

Beyond basic degree requirements, 39 semester hours of English are required for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in English, including
EN300: Gateways to Literary Study (3 credits)
Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Literature (3 credits)
EN312: Anglo-Saxon Literature
EN313: Medieval Literature
EN314: Chaucer
Renaissance Literature (3 credits)
Secondary Education majors must take a semester of Shakespeare.
EN301: Shakespeare I
EN302: Shakespeare II
EN315: Sixteenth Century Literature
British Literature (3 credits)
EN316: Seventeenth Century Literature
EN317: Eighteenth Century Literature
EN318: Romantic Literature
EN319: Victorian Literature
EN325: Modern British Literature
EN326: Contemporary British Literature
American Literature (3 credits)
EN310: American Drama
EN321: American Renaissance
EN322: American Realism
EN323: Modern American Literature
EN324: Contemporary American Literature
EN327: 20th Century American Poetry
Multi-ethnic Literature (3 credits)
EN370: Asian-American Literature
EN375: Multi-ethnic Literature
EN376: Native American Literatures
EN418: Writers from the African Diaspora
Senior Seminar (6 credits)
EN429: Coordinating Seminar I
EN430: Coordinating Seminar II

Majors are required to submit a final portfolio and earn a final grade point average of at least 2.5 in the major in order to successfully graduate with an English major.

Minor Sequences

Eighteen (18) credit hours are required, including EN300 and two other courses at the 300-level or above taken at Georgian Court. Only courses EN113 and higher will count toward the total number of credits required for the minor.

Eighteen (18) semester hours are required in writing courses above EN111; EN112: Academic Writing and Research I and II or the equivalent. Courses taken for the minor may not also count toward the major. Half the required courses must be taken at Georgian Court. The following courses are required: EN210 and EN250. Four electives must be chosen from the following courses: EN213, EN215, EN221, EN230, CM215, CM314, CM341.

English majors may not use courses they are counting for their major to fulfill writing minor requirements.

Teacher Of English Certification
The usual English major sequence is followed. In addition, Subject Specific Certification students must take EN416 History, Structure and Phonology of English.

Department Honors: English
Students who wish to earn departmental honors as English majors must meet the following requirements:

  1. To be eligible, the student must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA, and have completed 18-21 credits in English with a minimum of 3.5 GPA.
  2. Eligible students will enroll in 300/400 level designated honors courses in consultation with the department chair. Students will choose a subject for research in collaboration with a faculty mentor. Reading, research and writing will be under the direction of the mentor. The completed Honors Thesis will be presented before the department (students and faculty), and at a public forum such as Academic Excellence Night or a regional meeting.

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