Department of Exercise Science, Wellness, and Sports

Students must complete the 34-credit core requirement that includes:

  • BI213, 214 Anatomy & Physiology I and II
  • ES111 Foundations of Exercise Science & Wellness
  • ES220 Nutrition in Exercise, Wellness & Sports
  • ES250 Kinesiology and Applied Anatomy
  • ES330 Exercise Physiology
  • ES350 Exercise Testing and Prescription
  • ES255 Biomechanics
  • 2 ES electives
  • ES470 Research Methods in Exercise and Sport

Additionally, students must complete:

  • PS221, 222, or 323
  • BI111 or 115
  • CH111, 112 or CH113, 114
  • MA103 Making Sense of Data: Statistical Thinking
  • 2 3-credit internships in Exercise Science


As part of the Exercise Science major, students need to complete two 120 hour,  three credit internships. Students have the option to substitute completion of a research project for one of their internship requirements. Read more about our internships.

Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions may be found in the course catalog.

Students may choose to complete the requirements for one or more tracks.

Prephysical Therapy Track:

In addition to the required courses for exercise science concentrations, students must take BI115, MA115, PH121, 122, and PS111, PS223, and one of the following: BI116, 319, and 407.

Coaching Track:

In addition to the required courses for exercise science concentrations, students must take ES160, ES211, ES360, ES320, ES392, PS242.

Required Courses for Exercise Science Minor:

The exercise science minor is intended for students who are taking two semesters of general chemistry and two semesters of anatomy and physiology as part of their major requirements.  In addition to the general chemistry and anatomy and physiology sequence, students will take: ES111, ES330, ES350, and 3 additional ES electives.

Required Courses for Coaching Minor:

Students will take ES111, ES160, ES211, ES360, ES320, ES392, PS242.

Planning Sheets

View examples of what courses students may register for each semester in order to complete their coursework within 4 years or as transfer students.

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