Louise Wootton, Ph.D.

Phone: 732-987-2349
Fax: 732-987-2010
Office Location:
A&S 170
Office Hours:
Biology Department
Vita(PDF): L. Wootton Vita

Educational Background:

  • Doctor of Science, Marine and Estuarine Environmental Sciences, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. 1996
  • Master of Science, Oceanography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. 1989
  • Bachelor of Science, Biology, Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. 1986


  • Wootton, LS.  2009. Waging War Against Invasive Species. The Jersey Shoreline.  Vol. 26 No. 2
  • C. Fencik and L. Wootton.  Effects of Temperature, Rainfall and UV Radiation on Bacterial Contamination of the Metedeconk River in the Barnegat Bay Estuary. In revision for The Bulletin of the New Jersey Academy of Sciences.  
  • Wootton, L.S. 2007.  First observation of Carex macrocephala  on the Atlantic coast of North America.  Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 134(1): 126-134
  • Wootton L, Halsey S, Bevaart K, McGough A, Ondreika J and Patel P. 2005. When Invasive Species Have Benefits as Well as Costs:  Managing Carex kobomugi (Asiatic sand sedge) in New Jersey’s Coastal Dunes.  Biological Invasions.  7:1017-27.
  • Wootton, LS. 2003.  Spread rate and changes in species diversity associated with the introduced Asiatic sand sedge, Carex kobomugi, in New Jersey coastal dune communities.  5-page Extended Abstract.  Coastal Zone 2003 Conference Proceedings.
  • Wootton, LS. 2002.  Chance Conversation Plants the Seed for NJ Sea Grant Research Project.    The Jersey Shoreline.  Winter edition.  pp. 12-14.  (Reprinted in the Spring 2003 Court Pride as “Space Invaders: Hunting for Aliens on New Jersey’s Coastal Dunes’)
  • Wootton, LS. 2001. Taxonomic Identification of Organisms to Species, an On-Line Lab Activity to support "Integrated Principles of Zoology".  Hickman, Hickman and Kats.  McGraw Hill Co. Inc.
  • Wootton, LS., M.B. Stockton, P. Burns, J. Thompson and S. Cummings. 2001. Author Original  Materials for a Customized Laboratory Manual for Georgian Court College to Accompany  "Inquiry into Life".   McGraw Hill Co. Inc.

Courses Taught:

  • BI110- Biology In Society (On Line only)
  • BI203 Data Collection and Analysis in the Natural Sciences,
  • BI340 Ecology,
  • BI325 Zoology,
  • BI439 Aquatic Ecology,
  • BI444 Undergraduate Seminar,
  • BI506 Evolution and Systematics,
  • BI508  Advanced Ecology,
  • BI508 Advanced Aquatic Ecology,
  • BI509 Biological Statistics,
  • BI512 Ecological Genetics,
  • BI602 Estuarine Ecology,
  • BI607 Biological Literacy and Communication for Graduate Students,
  • BI612 Biogeography

Reasearch Area:

  • Studying the impact of invasive plants and animals in wetlands and dunes on community structure (e.g. abundance and diversity of native species ) and function (e.g. dune geomorphology, storm protection, sediment storage etc.). Because of its significant impacts on New Jersey’s coastal ecosystems, my current focus is on measuring distribution, expansion rates and impact of the invasive Asiatic sand sedge, Carex kobomugi, and on developing and monitoring management strategies for this species. Restoration of resilient natural communities.  Emphasis here is on growing awareness of the need for diverse plantings both to enhance ecological function and to maximize community’s ability to adapt to future environmental stressors. Researching and creating effective tools for environmental education and sustainability at all levels from Pre K to college, as well as for community education beyond the formal education system.

Service to the University:

  • 2007- present Served on Science and Mathematics Curriculum Committee
  • 2008-9 served on Faculty Executive Committee
  • 2007-9  Chair;  Middle States Standard Seven Report Group the Science and Mathematics Curriculum Committee to the Executive Committee
  • 2007-present; Mentor; Golden Z Service Club 1998-2008 Mentor; Biology Honors Society, Tri Beta


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