Paul Cappucci, Ph.D.

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Mercedes Hall 301
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Monday thru Thursday 1-2p.m.
Department of English

Educational Background:

  • Ph.D. in English Literature, 1998 Drew University, Madison, NJ 
  • M.Phil. in English Literature, 1997 Drew University, Madison, NJ 
  • M.A. in English Literature, 1993 The College of New Jersey, Trenton, NJ
  • B.A. in English Literature, 1990 King's College, Wilkes-Barre, PA



  • William Carlos Williams, Frank O’Hara, and the New York Art Scene. Madison, NJ: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2010.
  • William Carlos Williams’s Poetic Response to the 1913 Paterson Silk Strike. Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2002.

Chapter in Books:

  • “'Trying to Build on Their Elders’ Work': The Correspondence of Donald Allen and William Carlos Williams." The New American Poetry: Fifty Years Later. Ed. John R. Woznicki. Bethlehem, PA: Lehigh University Press, 2014.
  • “Jackson Pollock’s ‘Blobs of Paint’ in the Poetry of William Carlos Williams and Frank O’Hara.” The Legacy of William Carlos Williams: Points of Contact.  Ed. Ian Copestake. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007. 116-133

Journal Articles:

  • "A Libretto in Search of Music: The Strain of Collaborative Creation in William Carlos Williams's The First President." Journal of Modern Literature 36.2 (2013): 80-104.
  • “‘A Blossoming of the Spirit’: William Carlos Williams, Emanuel Romano, and the Authenticity of Artistic Expression.” William Carlos Williams Review 29.1 (2009): 15-27.
  • Comments from panel “Still Getting the News from Poems: WCW in the 21st Century” at the 2008 William Carlos Williams Symposium. William Carlos Williams Review 29.1 (2009): 94-95.
  • “Down from the Crow’s Nest: Herman Melville’s Battle Pieces and Aspects of the War.” War,Literature, and the Arts 17.1-2 (2005): 162-169.
  • “The ‘Wash’d-up drift” of Poetic Ideals: Disunion as Poetic Failure in Walt Whitman’s ‘As I Ebb’d with the Ocean of Life.”  Journal X 8.1 (2003): 33-41.
  • “‘And Everyone and I Stopped Breathing’: William Carlos Williams, Frank O’Hara, and the News of the Day in Verse.” Papers on Language and Literature 39.4 (2003): 375-389.
  • “Negotiating the 1930s: William Carlos Williams’s Struggle with Politics and Art on his Way to Paterson.”  The Journal of Imagism Fall (1999): 3-21.  
  • “Depicting the Oblique: Emily Dickinson's Poetic Response to the Civil War.” War, Literature, and the Arts 10.1 (1998): 260-273.
  • “Wallace Stevens' `God is Good. It is a Beautiful Night'” The Explicator 55.1 (1996): 32-34.  

Book Reviews:

  • Transatlantic Avant-Gardes: Little Magazines and Localist Modernism by Eric B. White. William Carlos Williams Review. Forthcoming.
  • Six Modernist Moments in Poetry by David Young. William Carlos Williams Review. 27.1
  • Reprinting of The Great American Novel. William Carlos Williams Review. 25.1 (2005): 93-94.

Encyclopedia Entries:

  • “Bill Berkson,” “Edwin Denby.”  The Encylopedia of the New York School Poets.  Ed. Terrence Diggory. New York: Facts on File, 2009. 
  • “Paul Mariani.” The Greenwood Encyclopedia of American Poets and Poetry.  Ed. Jeffrey Gray.  Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2005.
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Courses Taught:

  • EN111
  • EN112
  • EN113
  • EN114
  • EN115
  • EN116
  • EN240
  • EN300
  • EN305
  • EN310
  • EN321
  • EN322
  • EN323
  • EN324
  • EN420
  • EN425
  • EN430

Research Area:

  • 19th Century American Literature, 20th Century American Poetry

Service to the University

  • Chair, Department of English (Summer/Fall 2008; Fall 2009-2013)

Why I Love GCU

  • G.C.U offers a welcoming setting for all those who step on its campus.  I love the fact that students and professors have a genuine opportunity to connect to each other. This connection can foster an amazing learning experience both in and outside the classroom.  It has been a joy to participate in that experience and witness the progression of so many highly motivated individuals as they pursue their academic and personal goals.

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