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Georgian Court University Introduces Three New Majors

New Offerings in Dance, Exercise Science, and Tourism/Hospitality

Lakewood, N.J., Sept. 13, 2007—Georgian Court University has approved three new bachelor’s degree programs to add to the liberal arts university’s growing curricula. Beginning this fall, students will see a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Wellness & Sports among course offerings. In the fall of 2008, the university will add a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management.

“We are expanding majors to meet the interests of students and to offer majors that meet market-driven needs in New Jersey,” says Linda James, Ph.D., dean of the Schools of Sciences & Mathematics and Arts & Humanities.

B.S. in Exercise Science, Wellness, and Sports

Beginning this fall, students can opt for career and educational training with a B.S. in Exercise Science, Wellness, and Sports. Timed perfectly to fill our nation’s growing health-conscious demands, the degree program will focus on health, fitness, and wellness. Students who complete the program will be prepared for employment in diverse occupations such as leaders and trainers in corporate- and community-based wellness programs, hospital-based health promotion programs, and in programs that address an active lifestyle as one ages.

“The exercise science major grew out of requests from our coaches,” says Dean James. “As they recruited students, they found many interested in this area. It is also a good way to interest others in science and combine that knowledge with maximizing health and exercise benefits.”

“In addition, we were able to add a track/certificate in coaching women athletes since there is a great need for coaches with this expertise,” she adds.

“Students will learn how to take a leadership role in maximizing the health potential of others,” Dean James says. “They will serve the community by working in health fields, athletics, science, personal training, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, gerontology, coaching, wellness promotion, and corporate settings.”

She also expects students to participate in a variety of internships in various health promotion settings.

“This program will provide students with a scientific foundation for helping others set and achieve exercise, health, and fitness goals,” she explains.

The proposed major will follow the “wellness” model of addressing the physical, mental, social, emotional, occupational, and spiritual development of the person, community, and workplace.

B.A. in Dance

Scheduled to launch in the fall of 2008, Georgian Court’s Bachelor of Arts in Dance degree program will offer students the opportunity to pursue their professional and personal skills and talents, combined with a strong liberal arts foundation, preparing them for careers in the arts and entertainment industry.

“Dance majors will develop mastery in ballet, modern, and jazz techniques,” says Dean James. “They will also gain knowledge of the history, theory, and aesthetics of their art form with classes in dance history and theory, choreography, analysis, aesthetics, pedagogy, anatomy, and kinesiology.”

Dr. James explains that the program will prepare students to function as performing artists, teachers, choreographers, researchers, and scholars. Furthermore, due to Georgian Court’s strong liberal arts education, students will also gain the communication, critical thinking, and scholarly research skills of the liberal arts core.

“Given the breadth of opportunities in the arts world, students may combine the dance major with a second major or minor in art, music, exercise science, communications, psychology, or business,” she adds.

GCU dance students will enjoy their own performance venue at the historic Strand Theater in Lakewood, one of the best acoustical theaters in the nation. The university currently sponsors a dance team with over 50 members and offers several dance classes.

B.S. in Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management

It’s no accident that Georgian Court has chosen to emphasize the tourism aspect of the hospitality industry.

Over 54,000 jobs are expected to be added in the leisure and hospitality industry in New Jersey between 2004 and 2014, which represents more than 13 percent of all of jobs added during that time period.

“Travel and tourism activity is the second largest and fastest growing industry in New Jersey. Because we are only 10 miles from the Jersey Shore, and tourism is a very big part of the regional economy, it just makes sense for us to have a stronger focus on tourism and recreation,” says Michael Gross, Ph.D., associate provost for academic program development.

Georgian Court’s new Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Management will educate and train managers and future leaders and prepare them with necessary skills in the functional areas of the business.

“A lot of schools have a hospitality management program,” says Associate Provost Gross. “What is different about our program is the emphasis and integration of tourism and recreation management into the hospitality component. Our graduates will be ethically and socially responsible, and have a sound foundation in both business and the tourism, hospitality, and recreation management disciplines. They’ll also be highly qualified to pursue advanced degrees in business, tourism, hospitality, and recreation management.”

The program will begin in the fall of 2008.

“This program has been in development for several years, but recent improvements to the university’s campus have provided the facilities and resources to support this new major,” says Associate Provost Gross.

He also explained that the dance and the exercise science, wellness, and sports majors were added at this time because they will be housed in custom-built facilities in the university’s new Wellness Center. The center is currently being constructed and will be completed in 2008.

To learn more about the new majors, contact the Georgian Court Office of Admissions at 732.987.2760.

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