Major Sequence


History majors will be required to take 36 semester hours in history to earn the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree to take:
HI131; 132 Survey of American History I & II
HI151; 152 World History I & II (NW)

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and, to take at least 18 credits in 300-and 400-level courses including the two seminars HI457-458 History Seminar (6 credits).

Majors are required to produce a seminar research paper earning a minimum grade of C and a C in the course in order to successfully exit the department; and, to earn a final grade point average of at least 2.5 in the major.

A maximum of 18 approved credits for the history major may be accepted in transfer, and nine approved credits for the history minor.


The usual history major sequence is followed. For social studies certification, twelve credits must be at the 300-or 400-level (fulfilled by history major requirement). Students must complete courses in American history, European history, world history, government, political science, sociology, geography and economics. For required professional courses in education, please refer to the School of Education section in the undergraduate catalog.

Minor Sequence in History

Students may earn a minor in history by completing eighteen semester hours with at least 9 credits taken at Georgian Court. At least 6 credits must be earned in courses at the 300-400 level.

See Interdisciplinary Minors and Special Programs that may be used to supplement the history major’s program of study.

Minor Sequence in Political Science

The requirements for the political science minor are a total of 18 credits including:
PO111 Principles of Political Science
PO211 American National Government
PO221 State and Local Government in America
and three other courses.

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