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Holistic Health: Alumni & Student Testimonials

Lauren CalorelLauren Calorel, BS ('13), Currently enrolled in DPT Program at University of St. Augustine

Minor in Holistic Health Studies
"Choosing Holistic Health to be my minor was one of the best decisions of my academic career. The environment within those classes is unrivaled by any other at GCU. Not only do the professors challenge you view things from a different perspective, but they also encourage you to better yourself with material that is relevant and applicable to life outside the classroom."


Anthony DissenAnthony Dissen, RD, MA ('14)

M.A. in Holistic Health Studies
"When I began to research schools for my graduate studies, not a single program spoke to me like the MA in Holistic Health Studies program at Georgian Court University. My experience and time within the program far exceeded my already high expectations, and have benefited me professionally and personally more than I could have ever hoped. It is rare to find a course of study in the holistic field that so perfectly encapsulates what holism truly is, and I encourage anyone who is considering this program to dive right in! You will truly be transformed by the experience."


Nancy DockrayNancy Dockray, MA ('12)

M.A. in Holistic Health Studies
"When I was looking for a master’s program to enhance my skills in the classroom, I never imagined a program that would end up having such a positive effect on my life as a whole. I discovered dreams I never knew I had, and accomplished goals I never thought possible. My experiences and the people at GCU have enriched my life in ways never could have imagined."


Marissa WintersMarissa Winters, MA, RD ('08)

M.A. in Holistic Health Studies
"The Masters program in Holistic Health was an amazing experience. It has added so much depth to both my clinical practice as well as my personal life. Healthcare continues to evolve to include body, mind and spirit, and this program provides excellent tools for practitioners to deliver care in an effective and compassionate manner."


Donna CetroniDonna Cetroni, MA (‘05), RN, AHN-BC

M.A. in Holistic Health Studies
Advanced Holistic Nurse and Owner, The Healing Way
“My decision to attend the GCU holistic health master’s program was one of the most significant decisions for growing and learning that I have ever made. My exposure to mature, professional, balanced teachers and study was one that I could have only imagined would be possible. In my private practice, I now teach others about many natural methods for healing.”


Barbara MascialinoBarbara Mascialino, MA (’10)

MA in Holistic Health Studies
Owner, Vale Fitness
“I chose GCU because of the program. I stayed because each member of the GCU community shared something with me that made my learning experience an opportunity to explore different parts of myself.”


Joyce HirschJoyce Hirsch, RN, CSN, MA ('12)

MA in Holistic Health Studies
Linden Board of Education
"The Masters in Holistic Health program here at Georgian Court University has been an incredulous journey for me. Personally and professionally, the knowledge and insight I am gaining from the program are making a positive impact on my life. With each class my enthusiasm grows as the potential to integrate a more holistic approach to my life and practice as a school nurse takes shape. I am open to the possibilities this program offers to me now and in the future."


Holistic Health PelicciStudents in HH501 Foundations of Holistic Health Said:

- Dr. Gabrielle’s class has been the best learning experience in my entire educational career. The knowledge I take away with me will not only carry me through a career in holistic health but also has helped to enhance my personal self.
- Of all the classes that I have taken this semester, the one I really felt the greatest connection to is Foundations of Holistic Health. From the very first class, our instructor provided for us a great tool for categorizing and understanding all the different holistic health modalities available to consumers today. Each week was new and exciting and made me learn a great deal about how to do research, where to look for what I needed and how to put it together in the presentation. This experience has been invaluable to be in many ways. I really appreciate all the knowledge our instructor selflessly shared with us and look forward to working with her again next semester.

- This class has brought the love of learning back into my life. I have achieved a new sense of self and accomplishment. I sincerely thank you for your kindness, knowledge and camaraderie as we continue this incredible journey.

- I feel fortunate to have been led into this class. Having Dr. Pelicci for an instructor has been an honor and privilege for me.
- The professor Gabrielle Pelicci, Ph.D. is a role model and has awakened the passion of Holistic Health in all of us.
- Although this class was challenging, it was also a breath of fresh air, enlightening and fun! Thanks for the great experience!

Students in HE310 Holistic Views of Women's Health Said:

  • "It has opened my eyes and broadened my knowledge about women-specific health issues, so much so that I’ve contemplated on pursuing it further in the form of a master’s degree in Holistic Health."

  • "It has made me more aware and responsive to the global issues of women’s health."

  • "The classroom setting allowed for a very interactive approach to teaching and learning, to the point that even when the class was over for the semester, no one in the class wanted to leave—we wanted to know more!"

  • "The professor, Dr. Sachiko Komagata, made the class fun while teaching about very sensitive health issues, and the lively discussions that ensued are proof positive that she really knows her stuff!"

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