Course Ahead Benefits

Courses provide an enrichment experience for college bound high school students who demonstrate an ability to respond to an increased challenge.

  • Students can earn college credit at a significantly reduced cost.

  • Students continue important high school experiences while earning college credit.

  • Course content is comparable to on-campus courses.

  • Students take a much broader range of courses once in college.

  • College credits earned while in high school may shorten the time needed to complete a college degree.

  • By earning college credit while in high school, students may find greater flexibility once in college for purposes of graduation, majors, internships, etc.

  • Students receive most of the privileges of regular, on-campus students during the term of their enrollment in Course Ahead.

  • Courses are taught by experienced high school teachers who hold adjunct faculty status at Georgian Court University. College professors are liaisons for the program.

  • Student receive scholarship assistance in the form of reduced tuition rates. Tuition charged for courses taken through the Course Ahead program is $198 for each course. This reduced rate provides a significant saving for students and their families.

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