Library Building Policies

Food and Beverages

The library endeavors to serve students, faculty, administration, staff and alumni who wish to utilize library facilities at Georgian Court University. In order to ensure service to such a large and diverse group of patrons, it is necessary to develop specific operation guidelines. Following are the guidelines for food and drink in the Library.

The Georgian Court University Library's food and drink policy permits the consumption of beverages carried in covered containers and individual snack size food items. Only beverages are permitted at library computers. Also, please help keep our library clean; report spills immediately to the Circulation Desk and properly dispose of all trash.

Acceptable Food/Beverage Items

  • Acceptable covered beverage containers include disposable coffee and soft drink cups with lids, plastic or glass bottles with twist-on lids, travel mugs, and sport-type water bottles. Lids should be kept on bottles and containers except when drinking.
  • Acceptable food items include individual snack size containers of chips, cookies, candy, and other snack foods; small containers of finger foods (e.g., cut or small size fruits and vegetables, dry cereal, dried fruits and nuts).; candy bars, granola bars, power bars, etc.; and other relatively non-messy, individual snack foods.

Unacceptable Food/Beverage Items

  • Unacceptable beverage containers include those without lids such as soda cans and uncovered coffee cups.
  • Unacceptable food items include burgers, French fries, pizza, noodles, sub sandwiches, burritos, soup, hot entrees, and other hot, aromatic or potentially messy items; or large size bags or packages of chips, crackers, cookies, doughnuts, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the GCU Library.

Library Printer & Copy Machine Locations and Charges

Location Printer/Copier Type Charge for Print/Copy
Main Floor: Reference Area B&W Double-Sided Printer No Charge
Main Floor: Circulation Desk Color Printer 25 cents per page
Main Floor: Reference Collection Copy Machine 10 cents per page
Main Floor: Collaboration Zone Copy Machine 10 cents per page
Lower Level: Outside Lab Copy Machine 10 cents per page
Lower Level: Computer Labs North B&W Double-Sided Printers No Charge
Lower Level: Computer Labs Outer Lab 2 B&W Double-Sided Printer No Charge

Library Study Spaces

In order to ensure service to such a large and diverse group of patrons, it is necessary to develop specific operation guidelines. Following are the guidelines for the use of the Library’s Study Spaces.

  • Learning Zone
    Located on the main floor of the Library, the Learning Zone offers collaborative work space equipped with technology that allows students to work together on their projects or in group study sessions. Wall mounted monitors connect to laptop computers; wired tables provide electricity for laptops and i-devices. 

  • Collaborative Zone
    Located on the main floor of the Library in room 105, the Collaborative Zone is an extension of the Learning Zone as part of Phase III of the Library’s renovation plan. It provides work spaces for larger groups of students, MAC computers and a dry erase board for active learning.

  • Quiet Zone
    Located on the upper floor of the Library, the Quiet Zone is strictly for quiet study. Keep cell phones silent.
  • Library Presentation Room    NEW!
    The Presentation Room is located in room 104 on the main level and offers individual and collaborative work space. The room is equipped with 4 MAC Pro Workstations, 2 Dell PC Workstations and a scanner. A central table that can comfortably seat 6 and a smart board with projector allows groups to practice their presentations or projects. A laptop can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk for work in the presentation room. The room can be reserved on a first come, first serve basis for presentations at the Circulation Desk. The maximum capacity is 18.
  • Group Study Rooms
    Three group study rooms are located on the library’s lower level. Study rooms are available on a first come first served basis unless specifically reserved. Group study rooms are intended for use by students for group work; individuals may be asked to relocate. Due to high demand, we cannot accommodate use of these rooms for recurring purposes such as class meetings or proctoring exams.

    How to Reserve The Library Presentation Room or a Group Study Room

    Rooms may be reserved by contacting the Library’s Circulation Desk. You can reach us at (732) 987-2419 or by stopping in during regular operating hours.

    Your GCU ID must be presented either at the time of reservation or upon arrival.

    Rooms must be reserved with a MINIMUM of 3 hours advance notice.

    Use of The Library Presentation Room and Group Study Rooms is reserved for current GCU students and faculty.

    Rooms can be reserved for a maximum of 2 hours. If you wish to extend your reservation past 2 hours see the staff at the Circulation Desk to check availability.

AV Preview Room

The AV Preview room is located in room 114 on the main level and incorporates two separate areas containing TVs with VHS and DVD capability. Individuals or groups can view assigned movies that are held on Reserve. The AV Preview room is available on a first come first served basis.

Sambol Room

The Sambol Room is reserved for information literacy presentations by librarians during the first eight (8) weeks of the semester. After those weeks it is available for occasional instruction sessions, meetings and presentations. Use of the Sambol Room must be scheduled in School Dude, the university event calendar. The Sambol Room is located in the Quiet Zone; users are requested to respect the needs of others when entering and exiting the room.

Building Corridors

As per safety and fire regulations, and in compliance with the ADA, all corridors and walkways must be kept open and unobstructed. Extension and adapter cords must not extend across walkways. If outlets are needed, please utilize tables that are close to a wall outlet. Chairs and tables must not obstruct exit ways.

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