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The Office of Mission Integration strives to incorporate our mission and Mercy core values into activities at Georgian Court University. We also respond to societal concerns set forth by the Sisters of Mercy. Through all of this, we hope to equip you to be an engaged citizen with integrity, intellectual surety, and a powerful sense of purpose.

Mission Statement
GCU was founded and sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy to provide a comprehensive liberal arts education in the Roman Catholic tradition. The university has a special concern for women and is a dynamic community committed to the core values of justice, respect, integrity, service, and compassion, locally and globally.

GCU delivers:

  • a curriculum broad enough to be truly liberal, yet specialized enough to support further study and future careers;
  • an environment for the entire university community to grow through shared educational, cultural, social, and spiritual experiences; and
  • the will to translate concern for social justice into action.

Mercy Core Values
As an institution sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, Georgian Court embraces the Mercy core values:

  • Respect: We reverence the dignity of all persons and all life as gifts of God and strive to promote community in our world. We choose to accept what may be perceived as different without passing judgment.
  • Integrity: We believe that fidelity to moral principles, honesty, and sincerity are the basis of trustworthiness in all encounters. We choose to be true and honest in all circumstances, living one’s highest version of self—to base one’s actions on a consistent set of principles and values at all times.
  • Justice: We believe ordering of right relationships with all persons and all creation is fundamental to our advocacy for structures that protect the vulnerable. We choose to be a catalyst for social justice to ensure that all human beings are treated respectfully and equally—choosing peace for ourselves and the world.
  • Compassion: We embrace the joys and sorrows of others to whom and with whom we minister and are moved to action in solidarity with the human community. We choose to listen with an open heart, empathize with others, and perform acts of kindness that alleviate suffering—choosing to aid the planet and others’ needs.
  • Service: We joyfully extend our energy and resources on behalf of the poor, sick and uneducated, working to relieve misery and address its causes where possible. We choose to act when a need is perceived by using our skills, ingenuity, and experience to create benefit—choosing to accept that in life we are all servers and served.

Sisters of Mercy Critical Concerns
The Sisters of Mercy were founded out of a deep concern for the needs of persons who are poor.  Today, we focus our ministry on those needs identified through our “critical concerns.”  We address these concerns through prayer, our own communal life as a religion, education, advocacy with legislators and other leaders, and organizational engagement.

  • Immigration: Believing firmly in the dignity of every person, we work for just and humane immigration laws in the United States, address policies that push people to flee their countries, and examine the global impact of immigration.
  • Racism: We believe racism is an evil affecting us all. We work to recognize and dismantle institutional racism in order to become an anti-racist multicultural community,
  • Women: Through our university and legislative advocacy, we give special attention to women’s education, health, and spirituality.
  • Nonviolence: We work for peace through prayer, education, personal, and communal practices of nonviolence and legislative advocacy to reduce armed conflicts, abuse, and violence
  • Earth: We believe in the need for sustainability of life, supporting both a lifestyle and legislation that acknowledge everyone’s right to water and the need to address climate change.