Physical Education

The mission of the physical education program is to provide lifetime activities that will further enhance the development of the total person physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. The primary focus of the program revolves around activities related to physical fitness, recreation, and stress reduction. Students may apply four credits in physical education toward their degree; however, one semester is required of all students. The physical education requirement may also be fulfilled by participation in the intercollegiate athletic program. Although students may repeat a favorite course, no student, matriculated or non-matriculated, may repeat the same course more than four times. Except for the online course, most Physical Education classes meet twice a week, for 7.5 weeks.

Program Goals & Objectives

Goal - Students will develop an appropriate level of fitness, as well as an understanding of the interconnectedness between fitness, stress reduction and quality of life.

Students will demonstrate:

  • All aspects of fitness including endurance, strength, speed and flexibility.
  • Knowledge of proper nutrition, conditioning, and relaxation techniques.
  • An appreciation of fitness and relaxation techniques and its direct correlation to quality of life.

Goal - To develop psychomotor skills in various activities.

Students will demonstrate:

  • Competency in a variety of motor skills in team and individual and dual activities.
  • Knowledge related to rules and strategies where appropriate as well as understanding of the components of the various movements.
  • An appreciation for efficient movement.

Goal - To develop social skills, emotional behaviors and an appreciation for individual differences.

Students will demonstrate:

  • Appropriate behaviors in various activities.
  • Knowledge of appropriate behaviors in various activities.
  • Appreciation for individual differences.

Goal - To develop a positive self-image.

Students will demonstrate/reflect:

  • Positive self-esteem and self motivation through movement.
  • A positive attitude towards one’s own abilities and how to improve oneself.
  • An appreciation of one’s physical and mental abilities.


Judy Casey,, Director, 732.987.2684
M.A., Georgian Court University

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