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Join us as we make a virtual pilgrimage from GCU in Lakewood to Bethlehem. How do we get ready for it?  Packing, that’s how!  We need a good ergonomic backpack, and we have to travel light – after all, we have to carry everything with us as we travel.  We have to hone it down to the bare essentials…Toothbrush, extra clean socks, sledgehammer, multi-language phrasebook so that no matter where we are, we will always be able to ask where we can get the essentials of life – coffee, bathrooms, chocolate, and ice cream.

It would be good if people can tell that we’re pilgrims, because they’ll be more likely to make allowances for our mistakes and help us out when we’re in trouble.  In medieval times, pilgrims would wear cockle shells on their clothes or hats – these are a symbol of St. James, and are still worn by pilgrims making the journey to Santiago de Compostela.

Here’s how you can participate:

* Log on to every day during Advent. Report your miles walked/run/biked, minutes of other exercise and minutes of prayer/meditation.

* The total miles of all participants will be tallied at the end of each day, and you can follow the progress of the GCU community on our virtual journey. Every day we will see the     historical and sacred sites we have virtually passed as we traveled.

* Every day there will be an Advent meditation to take us on our spiritual journey.

* You can also participate in the GCU Pilgrimage blog by adding comments or sharing reflections. Be sure to ’share’ our progress with your Facebook friends, or check in on Twitter by following @GCUNews or searching #GCUJourney.

Blessings as you continue to walk the path into 2013 and thank you for sharing in this extraordinary experience.

The GCU Family 

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