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Welcome to the world of minerals and rocks!

We have a wonderful collection at Georgian Court University, and if you can't visit our campus in person, you can browse our collection online!

The collections are organized according to mineral name, chemical class and whether they are cabinet or thumbnail specimens. 

The original collections, consisting of 1000 cabinet specimens (defined as bigger than 2 inches) came from Mount St. Mary’s to Lakewood in the 1970’s.  The thumbnails (smaller than 2 inches) are a more recent addition (2003).  They consists of about 6000  specimens from Alex Knoll, a former resident of Lakewood.  Alex was a professional chemist and his hobby was mineralogy.  He was an expert on Franklin mineralogy and this collection has a wonderful array of Franklin/Sterling Hill specimens. 

The thumbnail portraits were taken using a MiSCOPE, a hand-held digital microscope.  The cabinet specimens were taken by a digital Nikkon Coolpix 8700 camera.

There will be constant additions to the minerals listed on the website, so check back often and enjoy!

Dr. Beth Schaefer
Chair, Physics Department and Curator of the Rock and Mineral Collection

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