Online Registration FAQs

Q:How do I register for courses?

A: Registering online is a three step process. 

  1. Add courses to your shopping cart.  To do this, you need to do a course search.  After entering the parameters and getting results, all you need to do is click on the "Add to Cart" icon on the right hand side of the course description.  A confirmation screen will pop up.  Close the window to proceed.  When you are done adding courses to your shopping cart, click on "Return to Registration"
  2. Select courses from your shopping cart to add to your schedule.  To do this, all you need to do is check the "Add" boxes for the courses you wish to add.  Once you have selected all your courses, click on the Process icon.
  3. Finalize your registration.  Assuming you have no scheduling issues (i.e. time conflicts, or attempting to add a course you are not registered for), the courses will be added to your schedule.  At this point you can continue to Make Schedule Changes, complete registration, or print a copy of your schedule.

Q:I do not have a computer at home, how will I register for classes?

A: The Office of the Registrar has two terminals available for student use.  In addition to that, there are multiple computer labs available on campus and most, if not all, public libraries have internet-connected computer for public use.  Paper forms will no longer be issued.

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