Special Online Registration Procedures and Forms


There are special forms for the following registration procedures:

  • Applied Music Courses
  • Advanced Art Studios
  • Prerequisites
  • Time Conflicts
  • University College student waivers (University College students desiring to take a Women's College course)
  • Credit overloads (undergraduates desiring to exceed the 18 credit per semester limit)
  • Department, Major, Class Level Overrides (based on department provided restrictions)
  • Audit Request Form for changing a grade course to audit
  • Interprogram Registrations (students wishing to take special program courses even though they are not in that program)


The forms must be downloaded, completed, and submitted to the Registrar's Office for processing.  Incomplete forms will be sent back to the student unprocessed.

For the course types listed below, the student will have to obtain the "Restricted Course Registration Form" from their department.  This form can be obtained in your Department/Dean's Office.  The affected course types are:

  • Applied Music
  • Externships
  • Internships
  • Field Experience
  • Research
  • Service Learning (SL100)
  • GRCONT (graduate thesis continuation)


ED3105, ED4213, ED4381, EDC6080 are Restricted Courses. They require you to do two things before the restriction can be lifted:

  1. meet with your School of Education Adviser (X2775) for a program review and completion of a Restricted Course Form; and
  2. bring the signed Restricted Course Form to the Director of Field Placement, Corina Earle, (Raymond Hall) to fill out field placement forms.

This form requires the signatures of the department chairpersons/program advisers to ensure that you are entered for the correct course. 

Independent study course registration procedures have not changed.  You must obtain and complete the independent study paperwork with your Dean.

Closed Courses

To enter a closed course, the student should place him/herself on the course's waitlist and wait for a seat to become available.

However, if the course is absolutely needed by the student, they can meet with their Chairperson and possible select a replacement course.  If no replacement course can be found, the student can then obtain a Waitlist Override from their department Chairperson and then attempt to obtain the authorization of the instructor of the course, and the Chairperson of the department offering the course.  The completed form is then submitted to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

Please be aware that waitlist overrides will only be granted in very critical situations.

Communiversity Students

If a Communiversity student requires a GCU course, please contact the Office of the Registrar and 732.987.2239.

Downloadable Forms

New Student Advising Form

          Must include advisor's signature for hold to be removed to register. 

Advanced Art Studio Registration Form

         Must include meeting day and time of studio course as well as the instructor's and
         dept. chairperson's signatures. 

Request for Grade of "W"

         Required to drop a course after the first week of classes. To see the new Add/Drop
         Policy, click here.

Prerequisite Override Form

         This form must be signed by both the student and the Department Chairperson. 

Self-Service Restriction Override

         This form must be submitted for the following special registration situations:

Situation Signatures Required
Audit Request Instructor
Credit Overload Dean and Associate Provost
Department/Major/Class             Level Override Department Chairperson
University College Student  Waiver Academic Advising Office
Graduate Course  Authorization Dean of School offering the course
Restricted Course
Grad Psych/Theology Students wanting to take Grad Education Courses Program Director
Externship, Internship, Field Experience, Applied Music, Research, Education Thesis, GRCONT, and Service Learning Instructor (or Department Chairperson)
Time Conflict Both instructors
Waitlist Override Must be signed by both the instructor and the Department Chairperson after consultation with the student (even if there is no waitlist at the time of signing)



Please see the Withdrawal Refund Policy.

You may consult the university catalog for detailed refund policy.


Please contact the Office of Student Accounts before you withdraw to determine how much withdrawing from the university could cost you.

If you are receiving federal funds (Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Stafford Student Loan or Federal PLUS Loan and you withdraw from Georgian Court University after the 100% refund date, you are responsible for reimbursing Georgian Court University for the federal funds that GCU may repay on your behalf (effective Fall 2000)


Students who officially withdraw from Georgian Court University may be entitled to a refund. The return of all Federal Title IV funds (including Federal PLUS Loans) shall be based on the percentage of the payment period completed. Earned aid is measured against unearned aid to determine the dollar amount to be return to the Federal government. If any funds are remaining after the federal dollar has been determined and the student account is clear may be refunded to the student.

Any financial aid for which the student was eligible prior to withdrawal but which has not been disbursed will be cancelled and returning to the source.



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