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Enrollment Verification/Loan Deferments:

There are two types of enrollment verifications:

Single semester: Verifies your status for the current semester, typically sent to insurance or loan companies.

  • Enrollment history: Verifies your status for your entire time at GCU.

Enrollment verifications must include the following information: name, address, social security number, year/term/session enrolled, start date, end date, status and credits taken.  We cannot omit any of the above mentioned information.  Additionally, we can include on a verification your expected graduation date, degree completion information, cumulative grade point average or other information as desired.  Please note, a verification does not take the place of a transcript.  If you need degree information in addition to enrollment history, request a verification.  If you only need proof of degree conferral, request a transcript.

Visit the Downloadable Forms page for the necessary form.

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Report Cards

Report cards are no longer mailed to students at the end of a term.  Students should use Self-Service to access semester grades.

If you need a copy of your report card sent to an employer, you may request one.  Please note that the Office of the Registrar will not mail a copy of the report to a student's home address for any reason.  We will only send it directly to the employer.

Visit the Downloadable Forms page for the necessary form.

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Name/Address Change

In order for the University to send mailings (including bills and other announcements), we need to have your most current contact information in our system.

To report an address change send a notification in writing to the Office of the Registrar.  Please provide us with updated addresses and phone numbers or you may make an address/phone change by yourself by accessing Self-Service.

To report a name change legal documentation showing the desired name change is necessary.  Acceptable forms of legal documentation are (but not limited to) marriage licenses, divorce decrees, court ordered name changes, driver's licenses or social security cards.

We do need to see the original documentation. Copies are not accepted unless made by a representative of the Office of the Registrar.  You can either bring the original document to the office and we will copy it or you can send us an original of the document.

Visit the Downloadable Forms page for the necessary form.

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A transcript is a complete record of all your courses, grades, graduation/degree information (if applicable) and GPA information.  Transcripts come in two types:  

  • Official transcripts are generally released to employers and other schools for the purpose of certifications, getting a job or transferring credits to another institution.  These transcripts come on special security paper with the Registrars signature and the University seal denoting official status.  These transcripts are only released to students by special arrangement.

  • Unofficial transcripts are released directly to the student.  The information is printed on white paper with a stamp denoting the unofficial status of the transcript.

Please note, since a transcript is considered an academic record we cannot release a transcript without the students signature.  Please be sure to sign the completed form. 

Transcript requests must be made in writing to the Office of the Registrar. There is a $12.00 fee per transcript. Transcripts are processed in the order in which they are received within five working days. The Office of the Registrar is not able to issue transcripts immediately upon request.

Georgian Court University is now participating in the Electronic Transcript (ET) System through NJ Transfer. This system is a web-based application that provides a mechanism to electronically send and receive transcript information among participating educational institutions. When possible, student transcript requests may be fulfilled utilizing the ET system.

Visit the Downloadable Forms page for the necessary form.

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Registration for classes (including regular add/drop activity, for late add/drop activity, please see the Late Change of Program section below) is now done through Self-Service, the University's online records system. 

Continuing Students

Students will receive postcards in the U.S. Mail before registration begins informing them of the date they may start registering.  Only current students who are not graduating at the end of the term will be able to register online.  Students on an official leave of absence must contact the Office of the Registrar in order to register.  Students who are withdrawn from the University must reactivate via the Office of Admissions.

New Students

New students will receive their Self-Service and registration information directly from the Office of Admissions once they have paid their tuition deposit.

Students may continue to add/drop courses from their schedule, online, through the first week of a Fall/Spring Main session.  For dropping a course after this time period, please consult the Late Change of Program section of this page.  You will not be able to add a course to your schedule after the first week of a Fall/Spring main session.

For more information on registering online, please visit our Online Registration Information Page.

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Late Change of Program

Students may add courses during the first week of the fall/spring semester. Students may drop courses during the first two weeks of the fall/spring semester. Students who withdraw from courses between the third and fourteenth week of either the fall/spring semester will receive grades of “W” on their records. Students who withdraw from courses after the fourteenth week of the fall/spring semester will receive grades computed on the basis of all work completed and not completed at the end of the semester. For all other sessions please consult the Registrar webpage at Students must follow published procedures for change of program and pay any designated change of program fee.

Nonattendance or verbal notification, in a semester for which a student has registered, does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Leave of Absence

Students may apply for an official leave of absence for up to two consecutive main academic terms. The application must be in writing, and submitted to the Office of the Registrar. A leave of absence permits a student to maintain his/her recorded curriculum at the university. The student will be allowed to follow degree major requirements as outlined on his/her current progress chart if he/she returns to the university within the specified time frame. Students leaving GCU to take courses at another institution are not eligible for a leave of absence. Students who fail to register for a third main academic semester must re-apply to the university through the Office of Admissions.

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A student who withdraws from Georgian Court in good academic standing and is not subject to any disciplinary action receives an honorable dismissal. Students who withdraw from the university must submit written notification to the Office of the Registrar; and will be considered withdrawn on the date notification is received.

Students who do not enroll for consecutive main terms are considered to have voluntarily withdrawn from the institution. Students who have withdrawn from GCU must reapply through Admissions should they wish to return to the university. A student who leaves GCU and reapplies to the same academic program may choose to follow the curriculum and general education requirements in place when s/he first enrolled at GCU provided s/he re-enrolls within 5 academic years after withdrawal. Under certain circumstances such as discontinuance of programs or courses, curricular changes required by a certification, licensing or accrediting body, a student may be required to follow current curriculum and/or general education requirements regardless of the date of first enrollment.

Nonattendance or verbal notification, in a semester for which a student has registered, does not constitute an official withdrawal.

Georgian Court reserves the right to require at any time the withdrawal of students who do not maintain the specified standards of scholarship or who are not in accord with its ideals and expected patterns of behavior. The former case is determined by action of the Academic Standards Committee; the latter by action of the Provost.

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Please see the Withdrawal Refund Policy.  

Please consult the university catalog for detailed refund policy.


Please contact the Office of Student Accounts before you withdraw to determine how much withdrawing from the university could cost you.

If you are receiving federal funds (Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Federal Stafford Student Loan or Federal PLUS Loan and you withdraw from Georgian Court University after the 100% refund date, you are responsible for reimbursing Georgian Court University for the federal funds that GCU may repay on your behalf (effective Fall 2000)

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Please refer to the sections in the Undergraduate or Graduate Catalogs for this information.

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Change Academic Major/Minor

In order to change your major or minor curriculum, you need to fill out the appropriate change form.  After filling out the form, it needs to be signed by the adviser of your major/minor.  Even if you are changing only one of your majors/minors you will still need all of your major/minor advisers to sign the form.  For example, if you have an Education major and French minor and want to change to a Math major, you need to get the signatures or your Education, and Math advisers.  The form will not be processed with any missing signatures.

Visit the Downloadable Forms page for the necessary form.

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Transferring Courses

It is possible to take courses at another institution and have the credits transfer to Georgian Court. 

Effective for students matriculating in the Fall 2003 semester and beyond, no more than 66 credits may transfer from an accredited two-year institution. An additional 16 credits may transfer from an accredited four-year institution. 

Effective as of Fall 2007 matriculation, students may transfer a maximum of 90 credits of which no more than 75 credits may transfer from a regionally accredited two-year institution. Credits accepted in transfer become part of the student’s permanent record. As such, they cannot be replaced by new transfer courses. Once a student has earned a total of 90 credits from all sources, all remaining credits must be taken at Georgian Court University

To transfer credits while a student of Georgian Court, signed permission from your major advisor and the Office of the Registrar is needed.  Download the appropriate form, fill it out, get your advisor's permission to take the course and then turn it in to the Office of the Registrar.  You will be notified by mail whether or not your request received approval.  Permission to transfer credits must be obtained prior to taking the courses at another institution.

NJ Transfer is a statewide transfer initiative that Georgian Court participates in.  This project partners NJs two- and four-year institutions to offer a web-based data information and electronic transfer system.  The goal is to provide transfer students with consistent and reliable information throughout the University planning, enrollment and transfer decision-making process. 

Georgian Court University equivalencies for current courses from the 19 NJ community colleges are now available on the NJ Transfer website,

Visit the Downloadable Forms page for the necessary form.

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Replacement Diplomas

Replacement diplomas (8 1/2" X 11") are available for a fee of $60.00. Diplomas may only be requested in the name you had at the time of graduation and will bear the signature of the current Georgian Court University president. Diplomas are ordered in March, August and December. Allow 10 - 12 weeks from date ordered.

Visit the Downloadable Forms page for the necessary form.


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