Compassion in Action - Be Your Own Agent

" When we give from the heart, we do so out of a joy that springs forth whenever we willingly enrich another person's life. This kind of giving benefits both the giver and receiver. The receiver enjoys the gift without worrying about the consequences that accompany gifts given out of fear, guilt, shame, or desire for gain. The giver benefits from the enhanced self-esteem that results when we see our efforts contributing to someone's well being."  Marshall Rosenberg, founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication

What we are...

Compassion in Action (CIA) is a movement started by the Counseling Center and the Office of Residence Life to further the implementation of the Mercy Core Values here within our own campus community. Compassion in Action is more than just a Random Acts of Kindness campaign, it is also a visual movement intended to inspire the women and men on our campus to live compassionate lives. From now until April 15th, we will be featuring American and International Women of Compassion on the CIA website, and on posters around campus to bring awareness to the impact that one woman's compassion and dedication to help others can have.

In addition, we will be encouraging the students, staff, and faculty of Georgian Court University to perform acts of compassion for others within our community. In turn, we ask that you "pay it forward" if you are a recipient of an act of compassion, and make a compassionate act toward someone else. You will be able to read others' stories as they submit compassionate acts they have been recipients of.

We ask that you:

  • Perform acts of compassion for others in our community
  • "Pay it forward" when you are the recipient of an act of compassion
  • Share your stories with us
  • Read others' stories of compassion
  • Be inspired by the featured Women of Compassion 

"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again." Stephen Grellet, prominent Quaker missionary 

What is an Act of Compassion?

Acts of compassion need not be something large, though it can be. An act of compassion is a selfless act by one person to show kindness and benefit another.

Examples of simple Acts of Compassion:

  • Hold the door open for the person behind you.
  • Write a kind note to someone for no reason, or to say thank you for things they have done in the past.
  • Pay for the next person in the dining hall with no meal plan.
  • Smile at a stranger.
  • Donate your time to help a friend with homework, a project, chores, etc.
  • Give someone your parking spot.
  • Compliment someone for their excellent work.
  • Treat a friend to dinner or the movies.
  • Give someone a flower.
  • Give someone a hug.
  • Ask someone how they are doing, and stop to listen to the answer.
  • Offer to drive someone who does not have a car to the store.

"With compassion, we see benevolently our own human condition and the condition of our fellow beings. We drop prejudice. We withhold judgment." Christina Baldwin, Author

Submit your story...

In order to see the impact of the Acts of Compassion that are occurring on our campus, we ask that you share your stories of compassionate acts that you have been the recipient of with us. We will then post them on the website so others may also be inspired to acts of compassion for others. You may choose to identify yourself or submit your stories anonymously, but what we ask is that you share with us.


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