Residence Life Programming

In the Office of Residence Life, we understand that different students have different needs. In addition to personal developmental differences, many of the difference deal with issues related to their journey through college; transitioning into the University as a Freshman or Transfer student, choosing a major and exploring identity in the Sophomore year, and pursuing career goals and transitioning into professional life as an upperclassman.

The goal of Residence Life Programming is multifaceted; we seek to bring residents together to form a community, inspire passion, influence personal growth, and assist with academic and professional success. In order to best achieve these goals, we have created a cohort model, where residents live with others from their grade level. This allows us to provide programming and community building that is most beneficial to the specific students on each wing.

Freshman Year Experience Program

The focus of the Freshman Year Experience program is to provide first year Georgian Court University students the opportunity to become a part of our community. St. Joseph's Hall is the heart of our FYE program, and living there you have the opportunity to meet others new to GCU with the support from our Resident Assistants and Graduate Assistants living in the building! We recognize that the transition to college is filled with new experiences and expectations, and seek to ease this transition through a number of social and educational programs. From meet and greet socials, to movie and Wii nights, to how-to sessions on topics such as doing your own laundry, dorm room cooking, and navigating the GCU campus resources, our Resident Advisors provide a plethora of programs to help our first year residents get adjusted to life at Georgian Court University. Interested in learning more about a particular topic or want to share a wealth of your own knowledge with your floormates? Your RA will be more than happy to help you out with this through a fun program!

Sophomore Year Experience Program

Transitioning to the next level of academic and residential life at GCU, our Sophomore Year Experience program is created to continue to support our second year residents through the tasks of taking on leadership positions, choosing a major, and finding their particular niche at Georgian Court. Maria Hall second and third floors are the home of our SYE program.  Community building is a continued focus, with all Sophomores living in a concentrated area and carrying their community from St. Joe's to Maria Hall from the first to second years with more fun social programs. We want to bring the resources to you, so look for programs on relationship skills, diversity, academic tips and tricks, and healthy living.

Upperclass Area Program

Our Upperclass Area program recognizes that Juniors and Seniors have unique needs - student teaching, internships, study abroad planning, and job-searching! Our goal is to make these last years here at Georgian Court University the best they can be. With the majority of our upperclassmen living in St. Catherine's Hall, they are provided a more quiet and private setting to focus on their academics and experiential learning components of their studies. The programs continue with a greater focus in self-reflection and goal-setting, job-searching skills, leadership, and wellness, and of course, community building and social programs when you just need that break from studying!

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