Credit ListMinor in Sustainability

Exploring the impact of human activity, culture, and social policy on our world

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, technology has been an overwhelming force, transforming a planet of once isolated cultures, environments, and ideologies into a truly global system. While this transformation has and continues to benefit humankind in countless ways, it also creates opportunities for serious inequities—socially, economically, environmentally, physically, and spiritually. The need for professionals prepared to address these imbalances has made sustainability a rapidly growing field, with opportunities in government, business, nonprofit organizations, and more.

The Minor in Sustainability explores the interaction between the world's natural and social systems, from economics and ecology to spirituality and personal wellness. You'll engage in a personal, critical, and historically informed analysis of the cultural, theological, political, and economic institutions and ideas that have impelled activism, research, new fields of inquiry, and social change in today's world. You'll also study solutions and learn to develop innovative ways to build a more sustainable world on a social, political, environmental, and personal level. This interdisciplinary minor will enrich your education while preparing you to create a more healthy, just, and sustainable world in whatever profession you follow upon graduation.

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