Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

All Georgian Court electronic systems and equipment are University property and therefore are solely to be used for University-related purposes. Furthermore, all communications and information transmitted by, received from, or stored within these systems are the property of the University. As such, they may be archived, deleted, monitored and reviewed for content or usage at any time by authorized personnel. When specific electronic resources (network "home" directories and e-mail accounts) are assigned to individual faculty, staff and students, other faculty, staff and students are excluded from access to them. However, the University always retains full ownership and control. Faculty, staff and students should not believe that they have a right to "personal, confidential" electronic information or communications that are exempt from this policy. The University has the right to view any e-mail box or the contents of any other system (or any other University property) at any time.

In order to maintain appropriate security, a system of login names and passwords has been established for access to the University's electronic systems. Each faculty, staff and student is responsible for the use of any IDs assigned to her/him. Accordingly, passwords should never be disclosed to other faculty, staff or students, nor should there ever be an occasion for any person to be using some else's login name.

Even when access has been granted to various electronic resources, certain actions are strictly forbidden. Faculty, staff and students may not download or install any software into University equipment without approval of the University. Faculty, staff and students may not use the University's resources to promote either outside business ventures or political causes. Faculty, staff and students may not use the University's resources to create, store, or transmit messages or materials that are harassing, offensive, profane, or defamatory.

Because the safety and privacy of its faculty, staff and students are of the utmost importance, Georgian Court strongly protects the right of all faculty, staff and students to be free from any form of electronic harassment or abuse. Faculty, staff and students receiving any such unwanted or threatening messages should immediately contact the Office of Information Technology so that appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action may be taken.

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