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Telegraph Hill Records

Students worked with Telegraph Hill Records, an independent record label based in Asbury Park, to create content for the artists on the label. Their work included organizing and conducting interviews with artists on the label, sharing this content on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, and writing press releases to inform audiences about the label’s upcoming events.

Digital Communication Capstone Showcase Student Christian Ciancitto

Christian Ciancitto

Over the course of this class, I have been working with Telegraph Hill Records. We are currently editing videos for them to be released as an interview series for their Volume 3 playlist.

Digital Communication Capstone Showcase Student Catherine Cooke

Catherine Cooke

Although I started at Georgian Court with an English/education track, my media interests in popular culture studies, particularly in the film and music industries, were one of the primary reasons I decided to change paths and pursue a double major in English and digital communication. This semester, I had the opportunity to work with Telegraph Hill Records, an independent music label whose mission is to capture to heart of the Asbury Park music scene. Using programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Audacity to create and Slack to communicate, my peers and I followed Telegraph’s mission by developing an interview series showcasing the various artists on their Vol. 3 playlist, as well as individually exploring the world of music podcasting and video journalism.

Digital Communication Capstone Showcase Student Casey Krish

Casey Krish

I have an interest in writing. I have always wanted my writing to be informative and keep the public in the light of what is going on. For this reason, I decided to go into the field of journalism. I have written press releases for Telegraph Hills this semester. I have also developed interview questions that help the bands and talents relay information that their fans would be interested in knowing about them.

Male Placeholder

Kyle Sager

For this semester, I have been working with Telegraph Hill Records. My job was to create and edit a promo social media video and promo videos for certain bands. The goal was to showcase their Volume 3 album. I was given clips and music to work with and used Wondershare FilmoraX video editing software. Overall, this was a great task because I have never worked with a record label before and it was a great experience.