David Wilson

David M. Wilson, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Associate Professor; ABA Graduate Program Director


Arts and Sciences


Psychology & Counseling

Office Location:

Farley Center (115)

Office Hours:

  • Summer 2019: by appointment
  • Fall 2019: TBD

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. in Psychology  (Behavior Analysis); University of Florida
  • B.A. in Psychology; Rutgers University

Professional Experience

Georgian Court University (2011 – Current)

  • Current Courses:
    • ABA502 Measurement & Experimental Design
    • ABA510 Behavior Assessment
    • ABA514 Behavioral Interventions for Autism
    • ABA515 Stimulus Control: Concepts, Principles, and Applications
    • ABA529 Special Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis
    • ABA550 Practicum in Applied Behavior Analysis
    • PS332 Psychology of Learning
  • Past Courses:
    • ABA503 Experimental Analysis of Behavior
    • ABA511 ABA I: Behavior Change Procedures
    • ABA512 ABA II: Advanced Behavior Change Procedures
    • ABA513 Verbal Behavior
    • PS111 Introduction to Psychology
    • PS221 Child Development
* See CV for comprehensive list of professional experience

Research / Creativity Interest Area

My research interests include stimulus control, assessment and treatment of severe behavior disorders, systematic desensitization, and skills development.  I am a practicing behavior analyst and provide clinical consultation to service organizations and individuals with developmental disabilities/autism.


    • Dozier, C. L., Iwata, B. A., Wilson, D.M., Thomason-Sassi, J. L., & Roscoe. E.M. (2013). Does supplementary reinforcement of stereotypy facilitate extinction? Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 46, 242-255.
    • Wilson, D.M., Iwata, B.A., & Bloom, S. (2012). Evaluation of a computer-assisted technique for measuring injury severity. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 45, 797-808.
    • Dozier, C. L., Iwata, B. A., Thomason, J. L., Worsdell, A. S., & Wilson, D. M. (2012). Establishing praise as a conditioned reinforcer. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 45, 721-735.
    • Wilson, D.M. (2003). Problem behaviors maintained by multiple sources of reinforcement. Self-Injury Abstracts & Reviews (12) 1-8.
    • Wilson, D.M. (2002). Vomiting and Rumination. Self-Injury Abstracts & Reviews (11) 1-8.
    • Hagopian, L. P., Wilson, D. M., & Wilder, D. A. (2001). Assessment and treatment of problem behavior maintained by escape from attention and access to tangible items. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 34, 229-232.
    • McKerchar, T. L., Kahng, S., Casioppo, E., & Wilson, D. (2001). Functional analysis of self-injury maintained by automatic reinforcement: Exposing masked social functions. Behavioral Interventions, 16, 59-63.
* See CV for comprehensive list of scholarship 

Additional Information

Professional Committee Appointments

  • Dual Diagnosis Focus Group with the New Jersey Department of Human Services
  • ABA Advisory Committee (Hosted by Autism NJ with NJ Department of Children and Families)


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