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Parvathi Murthy

Dr. Parvathi S. Murthy

Professor of Chemistry and Director of General Education


Arts and Science


Chemsitry and Biochemistry

Office Location:

Jeffires Hall 224

Office Hours:

Educational Background

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

Professional Experience

Professor , 2000-               Georgian Court University, Lakewood, NJ  

Research / Creativity Interest Area

Research interests Mechanistic Bio-organic Chemistry Selected Publications:
  • A new boron intermediate in carbonyl reduction by borohydride
Parvathi S. Murthy* and Renee Winkler Presented at the 2015 Northeast Regional Meeting (NERM) of the American Chemical Society, Ithaca, NY, June 2015
  • Filming the Reaction Coordinate
Alexander Hernandez, Madison Piassek, Nikica Trajkovsky,Balasubramanian Harish, Jannette Carey*, Doris Espiritu*, Parvathi Murthy* Poster presented at 29th Annual Gibbs Conference on Bio thermodynamics, Carbondale, Illinois, October, 2015
  • Blue Bottle Reaction: Revised
Parvathi S. Murthy and Kimberly Rizzolo Poster presented at the Organic Chemistry section, Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) of the American Chemical Society, College Park, MD, May 2011   Chemical Education Pedagogy Selected Publications:
  • E-Notebook – a tool for organized and accurate laboratory record keeping
Parvathi S.  Murthy Presented at the Teaching and Technology Forum, Georgian Court University, December 2019
  • Unnatural alkanes as models for strained organic compounds
Parvathi S. Murthy Poster presented at 2017 MidAtlantic Regional Meeting(MARM) of the American Chemical Society, Hershey, PA, June 2017
  • Learning in a Flipped Classroom
Parvathi S. Murthy Presented at the Teaching and Technology Forum, Georgian Court University, December 2016
  • Molecular Handshake: Recognition through non-covalent interactions Parvathi S. Murthy Journal of Chemical Education, 83, 1010 (2006)

Additional Information

Dr. Murthy obtained her Ph.D. degree from Indian institute of Science, Bangalore, India, in organic chemistry for her work on the synthesis of new estrogen analogs with uncharacteristic (anti-estrogenic) biological activity As a post-doctoral research fellow at University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, she developed a new technique and materials for optical information storage. She enjoys laboratory research in chemistry and has taken three sabbaticals to pursue research at the Department of Chemistry, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ. During her first sabbatical, she worked in the field of bio-organic chemistry designing biomimetic catalysts for oxygenation of hydrocarbons. On her second sabbatical, she worked in the field of molecular biophysics elucidating the mechanism of allosteric activation of arginine repressor protein. On her third sabbatical, she pursued work in mechanistic organic chemistry to establish the mechanism of stereoselective borohydride reduction reaction.


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