Criminal Justice & Human Rights

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Gain knowledge and skills to initiate or advance a career in the public interest from an institution dedicated to social justice and values-based education. The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice & Human Rights at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey, is a 36-credit program offering new opportunities and professional advancement to those joining or employed in criminal justice and related fields as well as private and nonprofit organizations. The multidisciplinary curriculum emphasizes knowledge of criminal justice systems and the protection of rights, leadership and ethical decision-making, and social science research skills. Students engage in original research, gaining expertise for careers in government agencies, law, social services, security, nonprofit, faith-based and international organizations, and research.


  • Required courses (18 credits)
  • Electives (18 credits)

For more information on program requirements, contact the Department of Criminal Justice, Anthropology & Sociology.



  • CJ501 Theory & Practice in Criminology (3)
  • CJ503 Criminal Justice & Society (3)
  • CJ505 Human Rights Law & Policy (3)
  • CJ510 Research Methods (3)
  • CJ511 Research Design (3)
  • CJ590 Capstone: Thesis or Applied Research Project (3)

Electives (pick at least six):

  • CJ520 Victimology (3)
  • CJ525 Leadership & Policy Analysis (3)
  • CJ555 Torture & State Violence (3)
  • CJ556 Understanding Terrorism (3)
  • CJ560 Post-Conflict Justice (3)
  • CJ565 Selected Topics in Criminal Justice & Human Rights (3)
  • CJ599 Internship in Criminal Justice or Human Rights (3)
  • HS501 Introduction to Homeland Security (3)
  • HS515 Computer Applications in Criminal Justice & Homeland Security (3)
  • HS520 Homeland Security Preparedness, Prevention & Deterrence (3)
  • HS530 The Intelligence Function: Collection, Analysis, Use (3)
  • HS535 Selected Topics in Homeland Security (e.g., Political Crimes & Terrorism; Anthropology of Disaster Management) (3)

Looking to advance your career in public safety without earning a master’s degree? The Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security from GCU is only 15 credits—two required courses and nine additional credits at the graduate level.


  • Required courses (6)
  • Electives (9)

For more information on program requirements, consult the Graduate Catalog.



  • HS501 Introduction to Homeland Security: Management & Legal Issues (3)
  • HS510 Research Methods (3)

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