School Psychology

Ensuring an enriching educational experience for children is the main focus of the M.A. in School Psychology program. It focuses on diversity, social justice, and sound counseling so that you can work in schools. This rigorous program will equip you to address the psychological, academic, and behavioral needs of students so they can excel in their pursuits.

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)-approved program has two levels: a Master of Arts in School Psychology is awarded after you complete 32 credits. Then you go on to complete the 36-credit specialist level Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) coursework, which is vital to meet requirements for New Jersey Department of Education certification and become a practicing school psychologist. The program requires a 300-hour practicum and a 1,200-hour externship.


  • M.A. courses (32 credits)
  • CAGS courses (36 credits)

For more information on program requirements, consult the Graduate Catalog.



  • SPS5302 Appraisal of the Individual (1)
  • SPS5401 Seminar in Child & Adolescent Development (3)
  • SPS5402 Seminar in Psychopathology of Childhood (3)
  • SPS5406 School Crisis Prevention & Intervention (3)
  • SPS5700 Statistics & Research Design I (3)
  • SPS6102 Assessment & Intervention of Reading Difficulties for School Psychologists (3)
  • SPS6104 Data-Based Decision-Making I: Behavioral & Social/Emotional Assessment & Intervention (3)
  • SPS6105 Seminar in Ethical Conduct for School Psychologists (3)
  • SPS6110 Multicultural Issues in School Psychology (3)
  • SPS6190 Seminar in Psychological Services in the Schools (1)
  • ABA503 Experimental Analysis of Behavior (3)
  • ABA510 Behavior Assessment (3)


  • SPS5100 Introduction to Counseling Skills (3)
  • SPS5403 Neurological Basis of Educational Disorders (3)
  • SPS5405 Advanced Counseling with Children & Adolescents (3)
  • SPS5801 Practicum II: Advanced Practice (3)
  • SPS6103 Data-Based Decision-Making II: Cognitive Assessment & Intervention (3)
  • SPS6106 Practicum I: Consultation & Collaboration (3)
  • SPS6109 Data-Based Decision-Making III: Academic Assessment & Intervention (3)
  • ABA502 Measurement & Experimental Design (3)
  • ABA511 ABA I: Behavior Change Procedures (3)
  • ABA512 ABA II: Advanced Behavior Change Procedures (3)
  • SPS6200 Externship I (3)
  • SPS6202 Externship II (3)