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Whether you are looking to enter the workforce for the first time or upgrade your skillset for career advancement, we have programs for you.

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Program Information

Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is a proven way to enhance your résumé, elevate your career potential, and boost your earnings. By earning the PMP certification, you can enjoy the following benefits.

  • Earn a higher salary: According to PMI®, PMP credential holders can earn upward of $20,000 more annually than non-credentialed jobholders.
  • Earn a prestigious certification recognized around the globe.
  • Build skills and knowledge that are transferable between industries, market segments, and geographic locations.
  • Gain an advantage over non-certified project managers.
  • Prove your project management knowledge, commitment, and experience.
  • Join a global network of more than 793,000 PMP credential holders.

Ensure you’re prepared for the rigorous PMP exam! This intensive program combines expert instruction with The CertWise® Learning System for PMP® Exam Preparation training materials, including interactive online study tools, quizzes, flashcards, and a practice test. This course will help you learn faster, retain more knowledge, and stay on track for success on the PMP exam and meet PMI’s 35-contact-hour PMP exam requirement.

Textbooks and access to The Learning System for PMP® Exam Preparation are included.

NOTE: The PMP® exam is currently scheduled for January 2, 2021. This course prepares you for the new exam and aligns with the latest PMP content. Visit to learn more about PMP certification benefits.

January 20–April 7 (12 sessions)
W 6:00–9:00 p.m.
Tuition: $1,555
Instructor: Jerry Russell, PMP

This leadership series is a “back to the basics” of leadership development. The course focuses on fundamental leadership skills and theories that are timeless and can help a leader and manager to improve his or her leadership. This course is designed for new high-potential leaders to help them develop basic core competencies for leadership and management and to help mid-level managers and leaders refine their talents to assist them in their leadership roles.

The course reviews fundamental concepts of leadership and management and how to utilize leadership traits and styles in many leadership situations. You’ll focus on your strengths and talents and learn how to partner with others who possess strengths they may not have. You can also review your emotional intelligence to better understand your values and who you are as a leader. You’ll be able to better understand your work environment and the emotions of others around you for better empathy and trust and be able to use your emotional intelligence to build a better work community.

Additionally, the course reviews communication skills including active listening and giving and receiving constructive feedback. Having crucial conversations and to better ways to navigate with conflict resolution is explored, as is reviewing fundamental decision-making choices for better problem-solving skills. Lastly, the program reviews team-building skills to work with members for team effectiveness to get the work done.

You’ll engage in a variety of leadership activities including case studies, activity discussion and dialogue, problem-solving skills, interactive learning activities, review of readings, partaking in learning assessments, and reflective practice. You’ll also review YouTube videos and TED Talk videos for reinforcement of the course content. You’ll be asked to complete self-assessment tools and then action plans for each section. This will summarize how you will utilize what you have learned in the program and how you’ll apply the learning to your job.

February 18–April 15 (8 sessions; no class on 4/4)
Th 6:00–8:00 p.m.
Tuition: $2,500
Instructor: Stephen W. Oliver, Ed.D.

The Cultural Sensitivity Program is a 3-Part Diversity Series covering generational differences, cultural sensitivity and unconscious bias.


March 18, 2021 and March 25, 2021

Leading and being a part of a Multi-Generational, Multi-Cultural Workforce is not for the faint of heart. In this two-part engaging workshop, you will take a deep dive look at how culture and age can prevent a person from forging meaningful relationships at school, work, and home. You will also be given the practical tools needed to build new friendships, restore strained workplace relationships, and support a diverse student population.

In this engaging session, participants will:

  • Discover the impact Diversity has on their school, community, and world
  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Engaging with A Multi-Generational, Multi-Cultural Workforce
  • Discuss the Challenges and Benefits of Having Such a Diverse Student Population
  • Learn 3 proven strategies to repair fragile workplace relationships as well as empower the next generation of leaders

IN-tentional Leadership: Becoming Conscious About Unconscious Bias

April 15, 2021

You have the best intentions.  Every morning, you wake up planning to do right by your loved ones, your co-workers, and your students but by the middle of the day you realize it is easier said than done.  If you are not careful, people will perceive you as “playing favorites”, close-minded or worst yet discriminatory. In this workshop, you will learn what it means to be an IN-tentional leader by becoming more conscious about your unconscious biases.  The Intentional leader is fully involved, engaged, and invested in the success of their community, faculty, and students.

In this engaging session, participants will:

  • Uncover their own hidden or unconscious biases
  • Look at how language influences what we see and do
  • Discover how to shift from the best of intentions to an IN-tentional Leader

A one-page document of key takeaways from each session is included to highlight the learning.

March 18, March 25, and April 15 (3 sessions)
Th 2:00–4:00 p.m.
Tuition: $180
Instructor: Krishna Powell

How to Register

  • Online
  • Via Phone at 732-987-2305
  • In Person at Kingscote, 900 Lakewood Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701
  • Mail to: Center for Professional Studies,
    900 Lakewood Avenue, Lakewood, NJ 08701

Registrations will close 48 hours prior to the course start date. Late registrations will delay (hard-copy) course material delivery. Digital copies may be provided.

Payment Options

The university accepts cash, checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks. Checks must be made out to Georgian Court University.

Cash: Cash is accepted in person only at Mercedes Hall.

Checks: Checks should be made payable to Georgian Court University and include your name and student ID (if available). A $55 fee will apply for all returned checks.

Online: Payments by electronic check and debit/credit card are done online through Self- Service. All debit/credit card payments will be charged a convenience fee of 2.75%. There is no fee for an electronic check. We do not accept debit/credit card payments on site.

Employer Sponsorship: Employers may send us a purchase order or voucher stating their intent to pay for the student’s course along with a completed Employer Sponsorship form, which is available online at or in this book.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations: The Center for Professional Studies at GCU reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or combine program events that are below the minimum participant requirement. Should a cancellation occur, staff will contact the participant about the cancellation or about any alternative program event(s). You may elect to transfer your registration to a combined or alternate program. If you are unavailable to attend the alternate program or the program is cancelled, all tuition and fees will be refunded via check.

Refunds: Refund and withdrawal requests must be received 10 or more days before the beginning of a class to receive a 100% refund. With less notice, no refund will be provided. Please note that some courses do incur a nonrefundable registration fee as noted in the course details.

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closings

Please check, official Georgian Court social media channels, or local news sources to check for cancellations due to inclement weather. Cancelled classes are made up by adding on an additional session after the last scheduled class, based on instructor and classroom availability.

Additional Professional Development