Mac Lab

The Mac lab has 15 state-of-the-art Mac computers with Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection and other software packages installed. It has large windows with magnificent views to the garden, providing a very pleasant work environment for the students. It is also equipped with a networked server, a smart board, an excellent sound system, scanners, and small and large format printers. Students use this lab for many of their computer related classes, including graphic design, Web design, and video and sound editing. Students also receive a digital drawing tablet that they can use throughout the semester. The hardware and software in the lab are regularly upgraded and kept up to date with the latest available technologies in the industry. This lab is frequently used by all our majors.
PC Lab

The PC lab has 25 PC computers and is mainly used for 3D animation and game design courses. The computers have Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite installed, which includes Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, MotionBuilder and Mudbox. They are equipped with Adobe Creative Suite as well. In this lab, students have also access to the latest Unity 3D software, which they can use to create sophisticated video games and publish them to any desired platform, from desktop (PC and Mac), to mobile (Android and iOS), game consoles, and the Web. Computers in this lab have fast processors, fast graphic cards, and lots of memory!
Digital Photography Studio

Another PC based lab used for digital photography. This lab has all the equipment necessary for indoor studio lighting and photo shoots, including professional projectors, umbrellas, tripods, and most importantly, the right setting. The studio doesn't have any widows, allowing to set up the perfect studio lighting without any outdoor light interference. For their digital photography classes, each student is offered an industry-standard digital SLR camera that he or she can keep for the whole semester. The lab also offers many PC computers with digital imaging software installed.
Drawing Studio

The drawing studio is where our students enhance their drawing skills and experiment freely with new trends in illustration. It's a large and inviting space with great lighting and beautiful views over the garden and tennis courts. Graphic Design & Multimedia as well as Digital Design students use this studio for their Drawing and manual illustration courses, or just to hang out with friends and review each other's artworks over a cup of coffee. Many students also use this space to create the initial sketches that they subsequently scan and use as the base for their digital artworks.
Painting Studio

If you have a passion for painting, Georgian Court University has a great Art Program offering excellent painting classes. From oil to acrylic and watercolor, all techniques are covered. With the approval of their advisors, Graphic Design & Multimedia students have the option to choose between a number of these courses and use them as their electives.

The studio provides ample space, great equipment, and dedicated lighting.
Printmaking Studio

Although Graphic Design & Multimedia and Digital Design students process the majority of their work digitally, sometimes they decide to experiment with traditional printmaking techniques such as etching, engraving, and other intaglio techniques, and perhaps combine the outcome to their digital artworks. The printmaking studio provides the essential materials and equipments including printing papers, ink, and presses to satisfy this aspiration. The use of this studio by our students is completely optional, but if they choose to gain experience in printmaking, arrangements could be made so that they are guided by an instructor.
3D Studio

This is a sculpture studio with all the related tools. Our students use it mainly for their packaging course. Here, they create models and samples for their 3D package designs in a variety of materials, including clay, polyester, and latex. Later, they add their digitally created labels to the models, providing clear representations of the final products as they will appear on a store's shelf.

The gallery is a modern and convivial space, where works from major artists and designers are exhibited regularly. It has a dedicated and informed director, in charge of all the events. With its comprehensive range of equipment, it can support any form of digital and non-digital exhibition and installation.

Although the agenda of the gallery is always booked in advance for the upcoming two years, our senior students have the advantage of being able to reserve this space for one week at the end of their last semester, for their senior portfolio show. Students usually use this opportunity to invite not only family and friends, but also potential employers who will be introduced to their portfolio in the outmost professional format. Imagine that: 700 sqft of gallery space at your disposal for a whole week!
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