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BA in Digital Design Course Sequence
  1. GD111 Introduction to Design
  2. GD112 Drawing for Designers
  3. AR115 Art History 1
  4. GD113/AR325 Computer Graphics
  5. GD114/AR319 Graphic Design 1
  6. GD213 Designing with Type
  7. GD214/AR320 Graphic Design 2
  8. GD226 Video & Sound Editing 1
  9. GD314 Graphic Design 3, or
    1. MM326 Video & Sound Editing 2, or
    1. GD430 Professional Practices
  10. GD322/AR327 Web Design 1
  11. GD324/AR321 Editorial Design & Book Illustration, or
    1. GD225 Packaging & Pattern Design
  12. GD327 2D Animation 1
  13. GD328 3D Animation 1
  14. AR416 Modern Art
  15. GD422/AR410 Web Design 2

GD111 Introduction to Design

This course will introduce students to visual arts and design with a focus on understanding the elements and principles of layout and composition. Students will gain an overview of graphic design, multimedia and technology through a survey of graphic design history as it relates to design practices. Projects and applications will give students hands-on practice. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD112 Drawing for Designers

This course will explore the role of drawing as a basic tool for designers. Emphasis will be on creative ideation, problem solving, notation, documentation of empirical observations and creative imaging. Students will develop important skills as they become fluent and flexible visualizers through traditional and non traditional drawing techniques. Focus on rapid visualization rather than artistic expression. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

AR115 Art History 1

Survey of Western art from prehistoric times through the Gothic periodic. Required museum visit. 3 hour lecture, 3 credits. Top

GD113/AR325 Computer Graphics

Use of the Macintosh computer laboratory to develop expertise in Adobe Creative Suite with emphasis on the integration of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, combined with scanning and printing applications for print and onscreen media. Students will design a variety of projects demonstrating acquisition of professional-level skills. This course serves as a foundation for graphic design & multimedia, and art majors and is applicable to communication majors and other disciplines. Prerequisites: GD111 and GD112. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD114/AR319 Graphic Design 1

Visual problem solving using symbols and images to communicate concepts and ideas. Introduction to Adobe InDesign. Emphasis on conceptual development using traditional and computer visualization skills applied to print and web. Prerequisite: GD113. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD213 Designing with Type

An introduction to the principles of typography through a series of structured investigations. Emphasizes basic letterforms used in design and the historical origins and use of typography. Computer used for finished projects. Prerequisite: GD114/AR319. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD214/AR320 Graphic Design 2

Advanced problems in layout and design concepts. Application to related areas such as corporate identity, package design, branding, typology and marketing. Emphasis on production and industry standards. Use of computer software: Adobe CS. Prerequisite: GD114/AR319. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD226 Video & Sound Editing 1

This is a project-based course, teaching students how to manipulate video and sound, and how to synchronize the two in a consistent fashion. Using Adobe Premiere Pro, students will learn the skills necessary to edit video clips for commercial, narrative, or experimental projects. Beginning with a detailed analysis of each assignment, a thorough understanding of the role of the editor is acquired. High definition video is captured, edited, and modified to create short exercises, and achieve a final 10-minute captivating video clip. Students will be introduced to camera techniques and lighting, as well as various editing techniques and effects. In parallel, they will use Adobe Audition to edit sound clips and use them in conjunction with their video clips. Prerequisite: GD113/AR325 or GD114. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD314 Graphic Design 3

This course communicates advanced solutions in print, packaging, motion, web, interactivity, 3D animation, video, and product marketing. Graphic Design 3 is a platform for the evolution and refinement of information conveyed in Graphic Design 1 and 2, as well as other practices in the field. Increasingly complex projects will allow students to employ more sophisticated methods of research, thinking, and manifestation of assignment deliverables. Student-generated projects aligned to their individual interests or in collaboration with work in other classes are encouraged. Based on a theme given by the instructor or chosen by the students, they must develop their own content and generate their own workflow, to achieve outstanding marketing results, by making use of their capacities of decision making to the highest extent. Prerequisite: GD214. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

MM326 Video & Sound Editing II

Building on skills learned in Video and Sound Editing 1, advanced video and sound editing is tailored to the individual student's projects and areas of interest. The instructor and student collaborate to set goals for the semester's work. Progress is monitored weekly with screenings and class critique and discussions. The creative aspects of dramatic editing are emphasized, and the instructor collaborates closely with the student to build a comprehensive understanding of the post production process. Prerequisite: GD226. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD430 Professional Practices

A capstone course to be taken in the last year of the BFA in Graphic Design & Multimedia or the BA in Digital Design. Students will gain a pragmatic understanding of professional practices, including portfolio preparation, production methods and presentation techniques. Projects will be designed to implement strategies of branding and visual communication, and skills in print and Web, as well as multimedia. Students will prepare for the final Senior Portfolio Presentation required of all BFA graduates. With the approval of advisor. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD322/AR327 Web Design 1

Introduction to Web design and development using HTML and Adobe Dreamweaver. Students will learn how to create a fully functional interactive website through concrete understanding of the HTML scripting language as well as the use of the Dreamweaver Web design software. In addition, principles and methods of Web interface design and navigation, flowchart creation, file organization, and image editing for the Web will be explored. 4 hours studio, 3 credits. Prerequisite: GD113/AR325 or GD114. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD324/AR321 Editorial Design & Book Illustration

Study of methods and techniques involved in magazine and book design and in illustration. Design for all elements of project, from jacket illustration to choice of type and layout of contents. Projects selected: Zines and Graphic novels, technical to high fashion to juvenile books and magazines. The computer, using desktop publishing software, will be integrated as a graphic design tool. Prerequisite: GD213. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD225 Packaging & Pattern Design

In this course, students will learn how to design three dimensional packages for a wide variety of projects. In parallel, they will use elements of form, text, color, texture, and pattern, including geometrical repeats to create attractive layouts and labels for packages, making products stand out on a store's crowded shelf. Various craft techniques as well as Adobe Creative Suite are used in a studio environment. Prerequisite: GD113 or GD114. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD327 2D Animation 1

In this course, students will acquire hands-on practice, technical skills, and theoretical knowledge in creating two dimensional animations. They will first be introduced to the process of storyboarding to visualize their ideas on paper, and then will work with Adobe After Effects to create appropriate keyframes and in-between frames in order to finalize a frame-by-frame animation. Concepts of timing, spacing, composition, and easing, as well as various special effects and rendering techniques will be explored. Prerequisite: GD113/AR325 or GD114. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

GD328 3D Animation 1

Through practical application and theoretical discussion, this course investigates the fundamentals of creating three dimensional digital models and subsequently animating these models in a three dimensional virtual space. Students will learn and put into practice the principles of polygonal and NURBS modeling, texturing, timing, pacing, lighting, particle systems, and rendering. Software used: Autodesk Maya. Prerequisite: GD113/AR325 or GD114. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

AR416 Modern Art

Painting, sculpture and architecture in Europe and America from 1900 to the present. 3 hour lecture, 3 credits. Top

GD422/AR410 Web Design 2

This course focuses on techniques of animation and interactivity for the Web. Students will work with Adobe Flash to combine text, images, animations, video clips, and sound clips to create an intriguing interactive game as well as a comprehensive animated website. Prerequisite: GD322/AR327. 4 hour studio, 3 credits. Top

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