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Zak Devon

I'd Know You Anywhere - Interactive PDF

Illustrated in Photoshop; Interactive functionalities and layout added in InDesign.

Kelsey Cutler

Water for Elephants - Poster

This project was about creating a series of artworks for a design campaign promoting a book, for which I chose the book "Water for Elephants." We completed a book cover, movie poster, magazine ad, and a four-page magazine spread. This particular piece is the Movie Poster. The story is based on a circus and a love affair. To exemplify the circus, I took my inspiration from vintage posters and added a modern twist to it. I chose the image of a girl on a horse in a way that without giving away too much of the story, the poster draws attention to itself.

To make this piece, I used a combination of images created in Illustrator and Photoshop. By switching between the vector images and the airbrushed background an interesting mixture is created, which at the same time captures my artistic style.

Kelsey Cutler

Red Headed Designs - Website

This is a website that I created in Web Design 1 to use as my online portfolio. I chose the name Red Headed Designs because it reflects who I am and what I do! I created the artworks in Illustrator. They show my different moods as a designer! I like to be minimalistic and use bold colors in my work. HTML and Dreamweaver are used extensively to create the interactivity. The entire website is playful, and I used many discrete and interactive ideas to reveal my creative and fun personality!

Shanae Jones

Portrait/Self-Portrait - Digital Photography Project

Photo Editing in Photoshop.

Amanda MacPhee

Environment at Risk - Poster

The main idea that needed to be portrayed through this work was the fact that the environment has been abused for so long that the earth is turning into a hazardous environment. Since I am really drawn to the fantastical and regal styles of fashion, I thought of a dark, ruffled dress covered in trash, to symbolize how humans' carelessness is not only destroying their home, but consuming their very being. Also, since I really like the idea of reflections and using more abstract locations for the actual photo shoot, I decided that it would be visually pleasing if the model wearing the dress was standing in a body of water.

For the initial photo shoot, we went down to a part of the beach that was littered with bottles and newspapers, which worked perfectly for the concept I had in mind. My model was very agreeable with most of the outrageous things I wanted her to do. I must say that finding a model who is willing to stand in cold water when it's raining, while twisting and turning her body in every-which way is very rare!

The editing, layout, and final composition in Photoshop took a total of 8 hours to complete. At first, I had no idea how I wanted to start, but as I have found by experience, I knew that I needed to experiment with different techniques and try out a variety of options to discover the opportune final process. I used the brush tool to create a brush that was scattered and round for creating the trash dress and let that flow out into the water. I changed the colors and brightness of the entire photo. After that, I added in a picture of trash in a pond with the Add filter to make the photo look like it belonged in the water. Then I added in some plumes of smoke from another photo, and blended everything together with layer masks.

Megan Dendy

This is the Time - 2D Animation

Created in Adobe After Effects.

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