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Cindy Calixto

Stardust Utopia - Movie poster

My inspiration for this fictional project came from Mary Shelly's book, Frankenstein, and music producer Otetsu's song, titled "Stardust Utopia." The story centers around a woman who has fallen into deep despair after losing many people close to her. In order to heal her pain, she sets out to travel through the universe and collect stardust for her "scientific research." Should her experiments succeed, she would have in her hands an elixir for life and death.

Illustrated in PaintTool SAI; textures, text, and effects added in Photoshop.

Cindy Calixto

Stardust Utopia - Book Cover

As the preliminary concept for this project, I mainly focused on the goal the heroine hopes to achieve in her absurd conquest. Despite her incomprehensible ideas, I portrayed the heroine in a more subdued state since I do see her as a tragic hero.

Illustrated in SAI; background, texture, effects and text added in Photoshop.

Cindy Calixto

Stardust Utopia - Magazine Ad

Following a similar concept from the movie poster, this magazine ad was inspired by Michelangelo's painting, "The Creation of Adam." For this concept, I made the heroine appear as a type of goddess who has created the environment she has surrounded herself with. Rather than positioning her in the same spot as in Michelangelo's painting, I wanted the heroine to be grounded as a reminder that nothing she hopes to achieve will ever succeed.

Illustrated in Photoshop; text added in Illustrator.

Cindy Calixto

Pink Illusions - Flash Website

My inspiration for this website comes from the way I conceptualize my work, which begins with an array of mental visualizations before sketching any of my thoughts on paper. To create the menu bar on the main page, I took a playful approach, as the text and the multiple background layers each rotate in different directions. Throughout the website, I used ample amounts of coding and animation. I achieved a mysterious vibe by using fractals and eerie fluttering butterflies!

Cindy Calixto

Disenchanted Sanity - Flash Website

For this Flash website, I went for an airier design. As my second major project in Flash, I experimented with more advanced ActionScript. This helped me gain a better foundation in coding. The overall concept for this design was to utilize the underpinning components of some of my artworks, and use minimalistic design elements and layouts.

Shannon Murphy


DRIVE@EARTH was a piece that I created for a Computer Graphics 2 assignment. The project was around promoting a car by editing/enhancing photography, and creating hyper realistic effects. This piece is broken into three components: the back of the car, its front, and the logo. Multiple layers were used in Photoshop to achieve the needed effects.

Shannon Murphy

Changing of the Guard - Poster

Changing of the Guard is a poster meant to promote a movie that has not been created yet. In this project, multiple photo editing and layout techniques have been used.

Shannon Murphy

Virtual Portfolio - Flash Website

My Flash Virtual Portfolio was created in Web Design 2. The depicted image is the home page of the website. Many interactive functionalities have been added in Flash, and the entire work relies heavily on stop-motion animation techniques.

Shannon Murphy

Graphic Design & Multimedia - Postcard

This is the first postcard that I have ever designed, and it was for our own program, here at GCU!

To create the design, I combined an eye with multiple interface elements of the software we use frequently in the labs.

Ryan Mitchell

Duel with a Dragon - 3D Animation

3D Animation in Maya.

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