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Graphic Design & Multimedia Overview

Our Graphic Design & Multimedia program combines design and technology to give visual form to ideas. Every printed page, every web site, every brand is designed to communicate a message in our visual environment. Graphic design is ubiquitous. So are the Web, videos, animations, games, illustrations, magazines, and branding. The program

provides up-to-date technology, small classes in computer labs, and student-faculty interactions for productive student-centered learning.

With advanced hands-on practice and a thorough understanding of the latest skills and concepts used in graphic design and multimedia, this program enables students to become effective designers in print and electronic media. Students engage in project-based learning and use type, images, and sequential art for print, web, video, interactive media, or digital arts. As part of their cycle of courses, they learn how to create 2D and 3D animations, computer games, and HTML and Flash websites. They use collaborative team building to foster communal learning, and through a variety of service learning and internship opportunities, they bridge classroom and professional practices.

The use of sophisticated software is combined to a methodical overview of design history and theory to prepare students for the needs of the professional market.

Two majors

The program offers two majors: a BFA in "Graphic Design & Multimedia" and a BA in "Digital design"

Students graduating with a BFA degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia will have developed concepts, skills and knowledge in print, web and interactive media. They will have engaged in a competitive program that prepares them for exciting jobs in the

21st century, applying technology for print, game design, video, web, 2D and 3D animation. Students will have used the latest software programs and will have acquired development skills in preparation for their senior portfolio presentation; will learn professional practices through internships, and be well prepared for a variety of careers in design and multimedia. By the end of their studies students will also have a strong grounding to pursue their studies at a graduate level, if desired.

Students graduating with a BA degree in Digital Design will have a comprehensive foundation in digital design for Print and Web applications, Animation, and Video production. They will be prepared for a variety of entry level careers in digital arts.

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