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Graphic Design & Multimedia FAQ
  1. What is new media?
  2. What defines new media today?
  3. What is the role of the designer?
  4. How do you become a designer in the digital age?
  5. What is the design process?
  6. What are some of the goals of Graphic Design and New Media?
  7. What makes effective visual communication?
  8. How will this program benefit me?

What is new media?

It’s really as old as cave writing or the printing press. It’s the visual communication of information using current forms of technology. Top

What defines new media today?

It’s a blending of old media and new means of communication; it can be telecommunications, interactive web sites, video signage at airports, electronic games and much more. Top

What is the role of the designer?

The designer uses the skills of an artist to develop something of use beyond aesthetics, for example: advertisements to sell a product or a web site to promote a cause. She knows her tools and applies them well. Top

How do you become a designer in the digital age?

Learn to be creative, flexible, innovative, and conceptual. Then couple that with excellent skills in design and the use of current technology. Look at everything around you; know what is happening in the arts and popular culture. Learn as much as you can in school and throughout your degree, from math to literature. Everything becomes useful when you design.

Know that you will always have to learn new skills throughout your career. You have to develop the discipline to work hard and effectively, continue your education, and be self-motivated. Top

What is the design process?

Whether you are working on projects in class or for your boss, you need to understand the order and disciple of work. First you must do research and gather data, then you need to select content for your project. You need to map out strategy, create a time-line, and visualize your ideas on paper.

Evaluation and revision is part of the road to the final project. Be open to criticism and advice from others; this is "communication" after all. Be a good member of the team.

Make wise choices for your final design.

Study the history of design and art so that you are sharing the same vocabulary of visual imagery as others in your profession. Top

What are some of the goals of Graphic Design and New Media?

Graphic Design is the communication of ideas through visual representation.

It is based on image and type to convey those ideas and concepts that are used to sell, persuade, or educate your audience.

It is the knowledge and use of the elements and principles of design applied to print, digital, electronic or web applications and entertainment for people across cultural, linguistic, national and ethnic boundaries. Top

What makes effective visual communication?

Look at the Olympics as an example. Good graphics "speak" first about the event, which an athletic competition that is based on ancient Greek practice. Then it tells us something about the host country, such as Canada or China. It uses symbols, images and text to "talk" and guide people who may not be able to read French or Chinese, yet can understand where and what is going on and how to get there. It unites people under the ‘brand’ of that particular Olympics. It is beyond writing and beyond pictures; it transforms society by overcoming differences while celebrating them. Top

How will this program and degree benefit me?

Our extensive and up-to-date curriculum meets the goals stated above. It has breadth and depth, and by the time you obtain your degree, you will be on your way to becoming a successful designer and digital media artist, and to meet the challenges of your future career.

Our student-centered teaching reaches each student and provides the nurturing environment to succeed.

Internships and service learning bring you into the community while you are still a student; providing a means to learn and build on your experiences.

Your final portfolio and webpage will show your best skills and talents to perspective employers. Top

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