Anna Mead

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with Minors in Biology & Sustainability
Graduation Date: May 2016
High School/Hometown: Shore Regional High School/West Long Branch, NJ
Clubs/Activities: Honors Program; Social, Environmental, and Economic Justice Club (Founder), Women in Leadership Development, Mercy Collegiate Society, Student Government Association, Resident Assistant, Chemistry Club

Anna MeadMany students view going away to college as an opportunity to gain new experiences and explore different interests in order to discover what they are most passionate about.

However, for Anna Mead ’16, a senior biochemistry major, focusing her passion on only one interest was impossible.

“I chose GCU for the academics and the female empowerment. What I didn’t expect was an overwhelming force that skewed me into a path of activism and social justice. I still remember my first Open House and how excited I was to become part of this wonderful community. Now that I am graduating, I am forever grateful for everything this institution has done for me.”

Throughout her undergraduate career, Anna has been an active member of a variety of campus clubs and organizations including the university’s Honors Program, Women in Leadership Development, the Mercy Collegiate Society, and the Student Government Association.

She also served as a resident assistant and created the Social, Environmental, and Economic Justice Club. Most recently, however, she become a political activist for Bernie Sanders and the Bus for Progress, a nonprofit organization that aims to educate and motivate citizens to become more involved in their government.

“I am a very passionate and opinionated person, especially on the topic of social justice,” says Anna. “I have such a profound respect and admiration for those who remain true to their progressive values, and it has inspired me to get active and support the rise of politicians who lead with integrity.”

As a leader herself on campus, Anna continues to exemplify a constant open-mindedness by opening herself up to new experiences and embracing change.

Her curiosity as a student has led her to a number of exciting opportunities, including studying abroad in Scotland and participating in a number of research projects alongside GCU professors such as “The Blue Bottle Experiment,” which was later presented at Rutgers University for the NASA Space Grant Consortium.

“This campus holds so much opportunity for students who seek more,” Anna adds. “And I’ve done my best to take advantage of that resource.”

Following her graduation in May, Anna plans to continue her political and social activism and find a government job primarily focusing on public health or consumer safety.

Story contributed by Alexandria J. Graziosi ’15, who graduated in December with a B.A. in English

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