Jakov Pilic

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Graduation Date: May 2016
High School/Hometown: Geodetska Tehnicka Skola, Zagreb, Croatia/Uskoplje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Clubs/Activities: Men’s Basketball Team

Jakov PilicAdapting to college life can be difficult for any student, but for Jakov Pilic ’16, there were a few more challenges to face than just adjusting to a new dining hall menu.

As an international transfer student from Croatia recruited by the men’s basketball team, Jakov had to overcome a number of obstacles throughout his undergraduate career at GCU, including learning a new language and acclimating to a new athletic program.

“My time at GCU will always be memorable because of all the friendships and connections I made here. I had the opportunity to be a part of the historic men’s basketball team and was one of the first members of the team to graduate. Without the help of the great professors here at GCU, especially in the School of Business and Digital Media, none of that would be possible.”

However, despite the various changes and challenges, Jakov remained positive and continued to succeed as both a student and an athlete by becoming a leader on his team and an active member of the campus community.

Now about to graduate in May with a degree in business administration, Jakov serves as captain of the men’s basketball team. He has also worked on a number of campus projects, including the creation of the initial business plan for the university’s Mercy Garden, a nonprofit project on campus that donates all of the food grown to local food banks and charities.

Although he was not a member of the men’s basketball team during its inaugural season, Jakov still considers himself lucky to have been given the opportunity to be a part of such a historic experience.

“Just talking to the guys about their first year and comparing it to our second and third, I am able to tell how much we have grown as a team and as individuals,” Jakov notes. “My favorite memory is definitely being named captain and having the opportunity to be a leader on the team.”

After graduation, Jakov will begin working full time as a human resources/payroll processor for Concord Healthcare Group, the company with which he is currently interning, and hopes to later return to school to pursue his M.B.A.

Story contributed by Alexandria J. Graziosi ’15, who graduated in December with a B.A. in English

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