Miriam Felicia Hunte

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Graduation Date: May 2016
High School/Hometown: St. Francis Preparatory School/Queens, New York
Clubs/Activities: Student Government Association (Executive Board President), Women in Leadership Development

Miriam Felicia Hunte“Stay where you are; I’m coming to pick you up,” a GCU admissions counselor responded to the call from Miriam Hunte ’16 after she and her family found themselves lost on their first visit to campus.

Traveling from Queens, New York, Miriam, her mother, and her brother called the Office of Admissions for additional directions, only to be surprised when the counselor offered to pick them up and bring Miriam to her admissions interview.

“I chose GCU for the care and concern that the entire campus community has for the students here. It is consistent throughout the classrooms and all of the offices and departments on campus. I was not only prepared for each semester, but I was constantly prepared for the real world and life after graduation. I am truly grateful for the amazing leadership programs here and how they continually pushed me to reach my potential. What more could a college student ask for?”

“I was completely amazed at the hospitality and care shown to me as a prospective student, and so was my mom,” comments Miriam, now an accounting major.

She quickly became a standout student, joining Women in Leadership Development (WILD) and the Student Government Association (SGA), for which she serves as the Executive Board president. Miriam received the St. Catherine of Alexandria Service Award and completed an internship with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City. In October, she spoke at the inauguration of GCU President Joseph R. Marbach, Ph.D.

“One of my favorite SGA memories was when we volunteered at the Ocean County Hunger Relief Facility,” adds Miriam. “We needed to climb on high shelves to sort donated blankets, but the stacks began to fall and we had to quickly use our bodies to hold the piles up. I watched each SGA member run to the aid of a person holding a pile. By the end, every member was either helping to hold a pile up, or extending their arms to ensure another member did not fall.”

These small acts of kindness speak volumes to Miriam about the GCU community. She notes that “we support, encourage, and help one another succeed in our roles. For us, charity begins at home.”

Following graduation, Miriam plans to work while pursuing a Master of Public Administration degree.

“Georgian Court definitely exceeded my expectations,” concludes Miriam. “My work ethic, coupled with the support I have received from GCU, pushed me to see my potential and pursue my dreams.”

Story contributed by Alexandria J. Graziosi ’15, who graduated in December with a B.A. in English

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