Grace Talian

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration
Graduation Date: May 2017
High School/Hometown: Central Regional High School/Bayville, NJ
Clubs/Activities: Honors Program, Presidential Leadership Scholar, Delta Mu Delta Vice President, Mercy Collegiate Society Leadership, Admissions Student Worker, Student Ambassador

Grace TalianCompleting a degree is not an easy task, especially if you do it in only three years. But Grace Talian was up for the challenge—and always ahead of the game.

Grace is a senior business administration major with a concentration in marketing and a member of the Honors Program. She is also very active in the Mercy Collegiate Society.

“My experience here at GCU has made me who I am today. I have been presented with countless opportunities that help me grow socially, academically, and spiritually. I really had the time of my life here and look forward to the next chapter of my life—whatever that may be!”

Grace has found many opportunities to serve on campus. She is a student ambassador and works part time at the Office of Admissions. As an honors student, she is involved in multiple honor societies such as Delta Mu Delta (for business administration). She also completed an internship at local radio station 95.9 The Rat. In addition to completing her undergraduate degree requirements in only three years—thanks to high school AP classes and a community college course, as well as 18- to 20-credit semesters at GCU—Grace has already taken two graduate business classes and plans to pursue an M.B.A. after she graduates.

Grace came to GCU directly from high school and received the full-tuition Presidential Leadership Scholarship, which she considers a blessing. She was interviewed at that time for the Bishop John Smith Scholarship, tying with Nick Ciccone—who subsequently became a close friend.

Grace has utilized her time at GCU to give back to the university that she feels has helped her become a successful person. Her extensive on-campus involvement is a testament to how much of her time, energy, and self she has invested in her college experience. In her own words, finishing in three years took “a lot of hard work and dedication.” But she did not have to do it alone.

“Luckily, no matter what path I took here at GCU, there was someone to walk with me and guide me. That meant the world to me,” she says.

Grace feels that none of her many accomplishments have been possible without everyone that helped her along the way. She extends her thanks to her mentors, including Evelyn Quinn, Tracey Howard-Ubelhoer, and Provost Bill Behre, as well as her parents and brother.

Story contributed by Heidi V. Chaya ’17, who will graduate in December 2017 with a B.A. in English and a concentration in writing.





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