Caitlin Billow ’18

Open for a World of Business Possibilities

Caitlin BillowIt’s fair to say that Caitlin Billow, who will receive her Master of Business Administration degree during the May 2018 Commencement Ceremony, has been studying business since she was a child. Growing up in Michigan, her father owned a pizza shop, and she had always admired his entrepreneurship.

Currently a quality engineer for automotive and aerospace company Nitto, Inc., in Lakewood, she had grown curious about some of the business concepts her coworkers discussed, and decided she wanted to pursue an M.B.A. She knew she was better suited to a classroom learning experience than one online, so she researched Georgian Court’s program because it was local and knew it was right for her.

Caitlin had earned an undergraduate degree in chemistry with a minor in history, but once she immersed herself in GCU’s business courses, she found her calling. During an economics class last summer, she partnered with Bertram Okpokwasili, Ph.D., professor of business administration, to write the paper, “African Growth and Opportunity Act—A Scorecard,” about the May 2000 act that enhances market access for qualifying Sub-Saharan African countries to the United States. Caitlin was selected to represent the School of Business and Digital Media and present the paper at the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs Region 1 conference at Southern New Hampshire University in October 2017, where it was praised for its content.

Caitlin recently received a promotion at Nitto and will transfer to the company’s Teaneck, New Jersey, headquarters to work in marketing.

“They like that I will have an M.B.A., and with my knowledge of the company and the other products we offer, they are willing to take a chance on me,” she says.

She looks forward to embracing this new opportunity. And her future is full of options, whether she continues to move up at her current employer or eventually launch her own event marketing business.

“Georgian Court gave me a well-rounded experience that I will be able to use in anything in life,” says Caitlin. “It’s opened up a lot of doors for me.”

Story contributed by Gwen Moran.

Caitlin Billow