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Georgian Court is conducting in-person classes as scheduled. Following CDC guidance, face coverings are required indoors and health precautions are in place in terms of cleaning and ventilation. Beginning in the Fall 2021 semester, COVID-19 vaccinations will be required for resident students before check-in and all other students are required to be vaccinated by October 1, 2021. All faculty and staff are strongly advised to get vaccinated.

Please regularly check GCU e-mails and for the most up-to-date information. Download the CampusClear app, which must be completed every day that you are on campus.

GCU Council for Diversity and Inclusion

Georgian Court University Gate

The Council for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) was formed in 2019 in an effort to create an environment that celebrates and respects all members of the GCU community. Comprised of students, staff, faculty, and administrators, the CDI recognizes that at the heart of diversity and inclusion is the desire to build a loving community that recognizes and welcomes the full spectrum of humanity. 

Georgian Court University desires to provide students with the opportunities and experiences that ensure they graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary for living, working, and thriving in a global society. Concurrently, the university strives to offer professional development opportunities and training for faculty, staff, and administrators to create academic spaces and work environments in which diversity and inclusion is visibly celebrated and promoted.

Our Mission

The Council for Diversity and Inclusion facilitates diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in all university operations and within the local community. 

The CDI invites new members to help make a difference.
E-mail qvirefvglpbhapvy@trbetvna.rqh to learn more.

Lions VIP Day GCU Students

The council, led by Dean of Students Amani Jennings, includes committees that have been established to ensure that goals are carried out to completion. Committee chairs convene their respective groups and report back to the larger council. Any member of the CDI is able to join any or all of the committees.

Programming Committee

Chair: L. Grodewald
Members: C. Diveny, J. Smith, E. McCarron

Committee on Retention & Recruitment

Chair J. Rivera
Members: D. Lamb, G. Schmidt, K. Froriep

Committee on Leadership Advisement

C0-chairs S. Komagata & J. Smith
Members: J. Rivera, G. Schmidt

Committee on Assessment

Chair V. Chen
Members: M. Gross, K. Marino, L. Festa

Become a member of the council. E-mail qvirefvglpbhapvy@trbetvna.rqh to learn more.

The overarching goal of the CDI is to facilitate diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in all university operations and within the local community. Specifically, we work

  • to promote awareness of diversity/inclusion related issues through campus-wide programming and educational opportunities;
  • to ensure that GCU actively recruits and retains a diverse university community;
  • to advise GCU leadership on matters relevant to campus-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion; and
  • to gather and assess the overall GCU campus climate as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Keep reading to learn more about the specific ways we will accomplish these goals.

  • By working with different campus stakeholders (academic departments, student groups, and support offices), the CDI will develop an annual event calendar that highlights programs focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion related topics. 
  • We also seek, identify, and promote educational and professional development opportunities for students, staff, and faculty.

The CDI will

  • work with admissions and marketing to identify recruiting trends and best practices for attracting diverse student populations;
  • partner with human resources to identify and utilize diverse hiring strategies for faculty, staff, and administrative positions;
  • create an environment that celebrates diverse populations; and
  • develop strategies and programs that are designed to support the retention and success of underrepresented populations.  

As an advisory body, members will

  • facilitate regular meetings with GCU leadership to discuss diversity and inclusion efforts;
  • encourage campus leadership to participate in ongoing cultural competency education and awareness;  
  • provide university leadership with an awareness of trends related to institutional and global diversity and inclusion topics; and
  • issue formal recommendations to university leadership regarding diversity and inclusion efforts.

The CDI will

  • facilitate an annual or biannual campus climate survey directly related to diversity and inclusion;
  • develop an annual report that details data, efforts, initiatives, and programs related to diversity and inclusion.

Resources and More

Lion’s Table Talk: Understanding Race

On Thursday, June 18, the Council for Diversity and Inclusion hosted a two-hour discussion of wide-ranging issues related to race. Panelists include GCU’s Dr. Sherritta Hughes, Dr. Joy Smith, and Kayla Wilson ’21. They were joined by local young adult activists Maurice Diawara and Caleb Lewis.

Lions Table Talk: LGBTQ Panel Discussion

The Georgian Court University Council for Diversity and Inclusion hosted its second Lions Table Talk – LGBTQ Panel Discussion on September 17, 2020.

June 4 Town Hall

During GCU’s June 4 virtual meeting with President Joseph R. Marbach and members of the Black Student Union, many students, faculty members, alumni, and staffers shared book titles, websites, and other resources worth exploring.

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