2018 Programs

4 Days Until Service-Learning Trip to Peru!

Hi everyone! There are only 4 days to go before the arrival in Cusco, Peru! Our very own GCU nursing students will be working to provide accessible health services, as well as our social work students participating in child care services. For 10 days we will experience the invaluable experience of volunteering abroad! Make sure …

Holistic Health takes on Ireland 🍀

Hello everyone 👋🏾 ! Here are some pictures of our awesome group at various locations in Ireland either toning, meditating or having a great time. It’s an amazing feeling to travel with such a great group of people!

Pleasant Surprise 💚

We were surprised with an awesome and calming horse ride to Ross Castle in Killarney. Soon after a boat ride to a sacred island called Innisfallen Island. This was an island of peace and seclusion. We spent a great amount of time toning and meditation here . We even got a chance to write in …

Reflections of Germany

“After my first trip to Germany, I feel much more enlightened about the country. We visited two major cities, Munich & Berlin, and I’m grateful we spent enough time in each to truly appreciate their rich cultures and histories, as well as the differences between the two. Berlin has deep rooted WWII connections that are …

Headed home!

Sunday morning we were all packed and ready to go to catch our flight back home! But our flight “unfortunately” got cancelled, so we stayed in Berlin for just one more day! After a stressful morning, we finally got settled into a hotel and we were able to relax the rest of the day, with …

Companies in Berlin

Along with Amazon and 3YourMind, we met with two other companies called Bold and KPM. KPM is the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin. We got to see original pieces and learn the process of how everything is made. I️t was very inspiring to see so many unique pieces. Bold is a PR and marketing agency …

No Sleep, No Problem

I cannot believe we are already completed DAY FOUR of Ireland. To be fair, days one and two were combined into one long 48 hour day with approximately four hours of sleep. Side note: Aer Lingus has some tasty food! On the first/second day – lets call it “fecond” we started off at Lough Tae …

Hello Dublin 🍀

Hi guys ! We have just arrived in Dublin after a 6 hour flight . We are all now enjoying our first Irish style breakfast 😊.

Days Six Through Eight

We might have been in Berlin for a short period of time, but our days were filled with lots of touring! From the Berlin Wall to Check Point Charlie and to the Humboldt Universitaet. We learned a lot of history and although some parts of Berlin were a bit sad, it was definitely memorable as …

We arrived in Berlin

Today we were up early to catch a five hour train ride to Berlin from Munich. Once we arrived, we met with a company called, 3YourMind, which is a 3D printing company. After our meeting we walked around Berlin, with our tour guide, to get a feel of the city and grabbed a bite to …

Day 5!

(Wednesday May 30): We visited BMW Welt München and went on a three hour tour. We went through the museum first where we saw the transformations of cars and motorcycles throughout the years and then got the chance to go into factory itself where you see each step of the process on how the cars …

Day 4!!

(Tuesday May 29): Wouldn’t you love to vacation here? We sure do! On Tuesday morning, we started our day by visiting, Nymphenburg Palace. Which was the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria of the house of Wittelsbach. I️t still holds many original pieces that guests have the chance to see and the …

Day 3!

(Monday May 28): We visited Allianz Arena where the FC Bayern München soccer team plays. We walked through the museum that was filled with history. Then, we went on an interactive tour where we got to sit on the bleachers, go through the teams locker room, and walk through the tunnel as if we were …

Day 2!!

Today was a beautiful day here in Munich… The group started with a bike tour through the city from Hofbräuhaus to Kings Square and then ended with a round tour at St. Peter’s Church… the 306 steps was worth the view of Munich.

Day one!

We had a long day of traveling but that didn’t keep us from exploring this beautiful city! Today was a free day for us, so we took the time to walk around the city of Munich with our tour guide for a few hours. We couldn’t resist but to have a pretzel right away at …

The day is here!

The day is finally here! Germany, here we come!

One more day!

The Germany group is just one day away until they are ready for take off! Wondering what we will be up to? The group has some business meetings ahead of them with a few companies. Students will be learning these businesses strategies and understanding what aspects are making them successful. Stay tuned to see what …

Let the Countdown Begin

Only 20 days, 60 meals, 19 sleeps, and 2 Mondays until we leave for Ireland… but who’s counting? DAYS 1 & 2 – On the 3rd of June, we leave to explore the lovely Emerald Isle. We will arrive early Monday morning at five o’clock, hopefully with strong coffees in our hands. Energy will be extremely …

Bursting with excitement

Hello GCU community ! The Ireland group is officially less than a month away from hopping on a plane and beginning their journey through Ireland. Throughout this journey we hope to have you all see the beauty and culture of Ireland through photos and post.

23 days till Germany!

Just a few more weeks till we take off for Germany! Stay up to date through our posts and photos while we experience the German culture.

Video from GCU in Italy- March 2018


Reflections from Italy

“This trip was my very first trip out of the country.  What really made me sign up was the fact that I would be traveling with classmates and my own professors, whom I feel safe and comfortable with; I believed that having this sense of comfort and security would allow me to stress less and …

Reflections from Nicaragua

Going into this experience I did not know what to expect. I was feeling so many different emotions. I was scared, excited, anxious, and so much more. When we first arrived, it was late at night after a long day and I was tired. I couldn’t really see what was going on and it looked …

Hola todos

Today is our last day here in Nicaragua. For those wondering, we will be landing in El Salvador at 6:30pm, then again at JFK airport at 1:20am. The time will then change at 2 am so we are assuming we will be back at GCU by 4 am. We are excited to see you all! …

Farewell To Europe

These are the final photos of our trip, a collection from beginning to end. What a time it has been! We have come so far both as friends and as travelers. We have landed back in Warsaw, Poland and are all currently setting up shop for a couple of hours, until our flight departs back to …

Munich & Dachau: Day 9

Today was the last day we would be spending in Europe. We began our early day with our guide Mikail. We walked the very streets, stood in front of the very places that Adolf Hitler did. It was incredible! Reading about these places, and walking the same streets is a completely different feeling. Mikhail was …

Elementary school wellness check-ups

The community's and our favorite nurse! Jessinia Dr. Lydia (Volunteer from London) treating the young kids at the school, giving them multi vitamins & anti-parasite pills

Happy International Women’s day!

Hard at work today!! 

Day 8

Happy 24th birthday to our girl Andrea ! We love you and are so grateful for you! Thank you for being the best tour guide/translator/ long term volunteer leading our crew/ personal singer! Xo   La Clinica’s lab technician and her lab

Paris Has The Key To Our Hearts!

The passed two days have been a whirl wind for the GCU Travel Crew! The city of lights had a tight grasp on our hearts, and our eyes! Our second day was a calm day where we visited the Bastille where prisoners used to be held in a huge palace. However during the revolution the building …

6 Mile hike…

    Headed back down on foot !

Made it to El Porvenir

Made it to the top 🙂 Made a new friend – Christopher The kitchen at the top of the mountain where they made a wonderful lunch for us  We love the animals, there were so many wild chickens, pigs and cows On a sad note, the dogs here are not held to the same value …

Beginning of day 7

How we got to the top!! In a trailer on the back of a tractor 

The Eternal Search for Gelato Continues

One of the biggest rules that we have on this trip is that it is mandatory that we find at least one gelateria to stop at a day.  (Trust me it’s worth it) That being the case, we started our next day in Italy by heading to the Vatican City!  We spent the morning exploring the …

All Quiet on the Western Front: Day 5

Day 5 was quite the excursion! We began the day nice and early at the last of our World War I tour, with a final Museum in Peronne. The last half of our day consisted of a wonderful tour given by a man with such character, such tenacity, and such imagination! Our first stop had …

Tour of Clinica Docente, Ciudad Sandino

Make it work- Be creative- #1 rule of nursing OR suite Nicaragua- Professor of nursing - She has 5 students Monday-Friday and 45 on Saturday and Sunday so they can work full time during the week Dr. Marlene Bordas - Head of clinic - There are mission trips 4xs a year to this clinic in …

Construction ~ day 2


The construction begins

1/2 way through the day Wiring rebarb together for the base of the floors Hanging on top & underneath Getting ready to move the first setting for the floor Starting a new setting

Cinco día

Today we went to the food market on the streets to buy food for families in need Nick got a haircut from a local at the market The flooding on the street from the poor sewage system. this is in front of peoples homes Kids walking home after school &Cars trying to squeeze passed other …

Tour of Managua

  Casa Ben Linder- A U.S. citizen instrumental in bringing electricity to rural areas of Nicaragua during War. This was going to be his home before becoming a casualty of the War himself. These murals were painted in the late 90s -early 2000s to describe the hardships the community faced.

Living the Dream!

Ciao! We have made it to the eternal city! We landed on Saturday afternoon after nearly 24 hours of travelling.  We met up with two of our tour guides from CAPA, Laura and Valentina, and they took us on a quick tour of the city. After a bus ride we arrived at a small trattoria …

An Eye Opening Day 4

Good Day Belgium! Today was a jam packed tour through some of the major fields, monuments, cemeteries, and memorials of Belgium. A good sleep, and a delicious breakfast from last night’s excitement put us right back at the heart of World War I sights. We began in a Cemetery where we learned about the basics …


We toured two active volcanos in Masaya today.  At the Museum, there were many young girls in long colorful dresses dancing, this was in celebration of Women’s day. We also visited the Mercado for a few hours, and met a few locals

Today we were tourists !

Before the hard work begins, we are allowed to be tourists for the weekend! Today we went to La laguna which was a beautiful resort with many English speaking guests and we got to spent the day enjoying the food, drinks, and view.

There is “Snow” Stopping Us Now–Day 3

The journey getting to day three has been an incredible one. We began the trip with news of snow in Dublin, and our flight was canceled. Don’t feel too bad for us though, because with the help of some wonderful people, we landed a second flight to Warsaw, Poland instead. However, we lost two travelers …

Buen viaje!

Check back here for updates from our students traveling to Italy!

We have WIFI!! – Day 2

Hola! Bienvenidos to our medical mission blog in Nicaragua! We landed safely and got to CEPS late last night, and had no access to wifi.. Sorry for the delay in blog posts. Today we had our orientation to the clinic, and a quick rundown of Nicaragua’s history. Once at the clinic we split into a …

Nueva Vida, Nicaragua

  1st day of volunteering~  check back here for more posts and updates from our student volunteers as they get access to WiFi

On our way!!

  Our crew is packed and ready to go! Currently at Newark airport waiting to board, we land at San Salvador then load up again and land in Managua !! We are beyond excited. Stay tuned for more posts 🙂

3 Days To Go

Our travelers can barely stand the excitement! With only 3 days to go, the GCU pack has an itch that cannot be scratched! Europe is calling our name, as we pack our bags, finish up last minute homework, and make our last minute arrangements. We will be loading into a GCU van on Thursday afternoon …

T-Minus 3 Weeks!

We’re almost there!  In less than a month seven GCU students and two faculty members will be heading to Italy!  Here’s a look at our amazing schedule! May 2: Depart the US May 3: Arrive in Rome and tour the Pantheon! May 4: Touring the Colosseum and Ancient Rome May 5:  Vatican Museum and St. …

21 Days Until Departure

We are prepping for our service trip to Nueva Vida. Currently we are spreading awareness of our mission and asking for any donations of medicine, and supplies for the health clinics we will be working in. We are also excited to help build another health clinic for the community. In order to prepare we are …

Pre-Departure Post!

We are about three weeks away! Passports are ready and loaded, suitcases are being dusted off, and excitement is high! We are all looking forward to a great time, experiencing new things, and gaining new appreciations for new cultures! Here is a before photo of our travelers!!  

Less than 1 month until departure!

In less than 1 month, students and faculty will be traveling to Belgium, France, & Germany to see sites in person that they have been studying related to World Wars & Holocaust.

Less than 1 month!

In less than 1 month 9 GCU students & 2 faculty will be traveling to Nicaragua to volunteer in health clinics and local community projects in Nueva Vida!

Less than 1 month until we leave!

In less than 1 month 7 GCU students and 2 faculty will be traveling to Italy to conduct research for their Multicultural Psychology class..