Reflections of Germany

“After my first trip to Germany, I feel much more enlightened about the country. We visited two major cities, Munich & Berlin, and I’m grateful we spent enough time in each to truly appreciate their rich cultures and histories, as well as the differences between the two.

Berlin has deep rooted WWII connections that are prevalent throughout the city. It is clear that Berlin is also continuously evolving into a more trendy city. The city is attracting more millennials, and exuding a youthful vibe while still respecting the history of the city by paying homage in distinct and non traditional ways.

Munich on the other hand was a much more traditional city. Rich with history, but history that dates back ages. I learned that the “German Beer” that we hear so frequently about in America is mostly a Bavarian specialty, with high prevalence in Munich especially. Munich has traditional Bavarian Biergartens, historic & lively city centers, as well as beautiful landscapes such as the English Garden.

Overall, the time we spent in Germany touring the cities as well as visiting a few very different businesses, has given me a pretty complete picture of life in the country. From differences in business customs, to the social nuances, this trip provided me with a different perspective & appreciation of not only German culture, but the relative American culture as well”

-Angela Giordano

“Visit, experience, enjoy and cherish”.  Entire trip was wonderful from start to finish.

-Ken Ward

“As someone who has never traveled outside of the United States, this was definitely an experience and a time I will never forget. The beautiful sites of Munich and Berlin, along with the amazing people in our group truly made this trip. After the long hot days of touring the grounds of Germany’s historical sites and trademarks we all enjoyed dinners together where we reflected on our days and shared many many laughs. We gained more knowledge, friendships, and most importantly memories.”

-Caitlin Murphy

Munich to Berlin: “ Once in a lifetime experience. Loved learning the culture, business practices both in corporate and entrepreneurial aspects in real estate. The added bonus was making new friends to move forward with. I highly recommend this to any student looking for adventure and experiencing something out of there comfort zone.”

-Chris Jarahian

“Germany was truly an experience of a lifetime. It took me a few days to actually believe I was exploring a different country. Walking the cities of Munich and Berlin, being able to learn the German culture, the different tastes of food, and learning so much history, it was truly memorable. Being back at home, I realized how much more I appreciate Germany and all the memories I made there with great people by my side.”

-Courtney Marcucci

Headed home!

Sunday morning we were all packed and ready to go to catch our flight back home! But our flight “unfortunately” got cancelled, so we stayed in Berlin for just one more day! After a stressful morning, we finally got settled into a hotel and we were able to relax the rest of the day, with one more final dinner together as a group.

Monday morning we finally headed home! As sad as we were to say goodbye to Germany, we all made great memories together and will truly be missed, but we are happy to be back home.

Companies in Berlin

Along with Amazon and 3YourMind, we met with two other companies called Bold and KPM.

KPM is the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin. We got to see original pieces and learn the process of how everything is made. I️t was very inspiring to see so many unique pieces.

Bold is a PR and marketing agency which is currently located in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California. They elevate different brands through PR, social media, and events.

Days Six Through Eight

We might have been in Berlin for a short period of time, but our days were filled with lots of touring! From the Berlin Wall to Check Point Charlie and to the Humboldt Universitaet. We learned a lot of history and although some parts of Berlin were a bit sad, it was definitely memorable as we walked the streets of world history.

While our trip to Germany has now come to an end, we had our Farewell dinner as a group with our tour guide Franziska. We would like to thank her for being an intricate part of this amazing experience we all will never forget. It’s truly been an experience of a lifetime!

We arrived in Berlin

Today we were up early to catch a five hour train ride to Berlin from Munich. Once we arrived, we met with a company called, 3YourMind, which is a 3D printing company.

After our meeting we walked around Berlin, with our tour guide, to get a feel of the city and grabbed a bite to eat. That is it for today as we are a little tired from a long day of traveling, but tomorrow we have two meetings ahead of us so stay tuned!

Day 5!

(Wednesday May 30):

We visited BMW Welt München and went on a three hour tour. We went through the museum first where we saw the transformations of cars and motorcycles throughout the years and then got the chance to go into factory itself where you see each step of the process on how the cars are made through robots. I️t was amazing to see how far technology has come.

GCU alumns always find a way to keep in contact and give back to their alma mater. With that being said we would like to thank Sebastian (‘16) for arranging a meeting with managers from various teams at his company, Amazon. The meeting was very insightful as they explained the cultural differences between Amazon US and Amazon Euro.

Day 4!!

(Tuesday May 29):

Wouldn’t you love to vacation here? We sure do! On Tuesday morning, we started our day by visiting, Nymphenburg Palace. Which was the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria of the house of Wittelsbach. I️t still holds many original pieces that guests have the chance to see and the art work all around was beautiful. After we strolled through the museum, we took a nice walk through the gardens.

In the evening we took part in a beer tour through Munich which ended at the most famous Hofbräuhaus. During the beer tour we learned about the history of beer and the process in making one of Germany’s famous trademarks.

Day 3!

(Monday May 28):

We visited Allianz Arena where the FC Bayern München soccer team plays. We walked through the museum that was filled with history. Then, we went on an interactive tour where we got to sit on the bleachers, go through the teams locker room, and walk through the tunnel as if we were starting a game. It was an awesome experience.

Later in the day we went to Olympiaturm. We headed up to the Olympic Tower, which happens to be one of the highest buildings in the city of Munich. We got to see a beautiful view of the city in a way we haven’t experienced yet.

Day 2!!

Today was a beautiful day here in Munich…

The group started with a bike tour through the city from Hofbräuhaus to Kings Square and then ended with a round tour at St. Peter’s Church… the 306 steps was worth the view of Munich.

Day one!

We had a long day of traveling but that didn’t keep us from exploring this beautiful city! Today was a free day for us, so we took the time to walk around the city of Munich with our tour guide for a few hours. We couldn’t resist but to have a pretzel right away at a local beer garden. Touring the city through the light rail, we were able to explore the local government venues, University and local public parks where we had the pleasure of seeing a secret surf spot! We ended our night by having a nice dinner at a restaurant called, Wirtshaus in du Au. They are known for their Bavarian dumplings, which some of us had. It’s an early night here for us, which we are still a bit tired from our flight! Tomorrow we are starting our day with a bike tour through Munich, so stay tuned!